I like the end Heirs brought me good memories of my high school life, friendship till today like Tan wanted, silly and sweet days, no bullying and my first love!!!!!

Startulle - Nice comments! I disagree slightly on one point - Kim Tan did seem to be ashamed of his mother at first, when he was in California and when he first came back.

But I do like that as he evolved into accepting himself, he changed toward her as well and defended her. I also loved the confession scene. I agree about all of us needing someone, not just romantically.

I love the actors on this drama but honestly without Woo Bin this drama would be dead. I really want Shin hye and Woo bin in the same drama again, woo bin being lead this time :D! Forgive the ones who hurt you and be humble.

Yong DO. Appreciate your life and make the best out of your situations, being respectful to others and not giving back rudeness to someone who is rude to you.

Be the better person. Kim tan being nice to his big bro' no matter what, Kim won being nicer and letting go of his insecurities. Nothing in life comes very easy, you've got to work hard and know who you are, not feeling down by the ones who may be rude or bully you and not finding your self esteem in what people think of you.

Eun sang Hard work always pays off. The writer of this drama Kim eun sook for any drama she wrote, it all started with a simple vision, an idea, a paper, a pen..

Then all came together and now we're seeing what we're seeing now. No matter how big your dream may seem right now, work hard.

Impossible is nothing! Write your dreams, visions down and work towards it no matter how impossible, limit ridiculous it may seem right now. Life in itself is a lesson, the best place.

You learn from your mistakes, move on and become a better person. Always growing Also forgiving doesn't mean you have to go back and their best friends forever if you know they're not the ones for you, but not holding any grudges in your heart against them, and looking at them with no hate in your heart is what it is.

Hey Faye! You might not know me but I really enjoy it But in the last episode, I realised that this sentence was for Kim Won.

They were one of my favourite couples, and I have always thought that they would get together at the end. When Won gave her that wishbone in the beginning of the drama, my gut feeling said that it was gonna bring bad luck.

Sadly, it did. I had a hope that they would work out at the end, and although a happy ending for everyone seems too idealistic, but I didn't think that they would lose each other after all that.

But Hyunjoo is right, Won dreams to succeed in a higher place, whilst Tan dreams of making Eunsang his whole world.

They each had a crown that they were chasing; Tan chose love, Won chose the company. With that decision, they have to bear the consequences that it brought. I understood why Won chose the company.

Like he said, it doesn't matter what you like or what you want to do, sometimes fate itself chose you. So he has to live with that pain of losing Hyunjoo, for the sake of family and the company.

The scene where he cried in the office was really, really heartbreaking. But looking at the positive light, he did fix his relationship with his brother, so it's not all sad on his part. Choi Youngdo's reunion with his mother stole the episode for me.

Kim Woobin's acting here was really brilliant. Even though I would've liked Youngdo and Eunsang to happen, but I would rather have him reuniting with his mum.

It feels like the drama had so many loose ends that left unsolved. Making it happen too quickly wouldve made it weird imo, but hinting a possible future was bittersweet.

The Heirs came with so much expectations. It did bring its share of disappointments and frustrations however. At the end of the day, it brought a good message to learn.

I fell in love with some characters, and really despised how some was written. Youngdo, more at the second half of the drama though.

Lee Bona was the best thing this drama offered. I'm glad she became biffels with Cha Eunsang at the end. I loved these two's friendship. It was kinda like push and pull, but really fun!

Chanyoung and Bona were adorable. Best thing ever. Hahaha :. Well said! She has become less of a bitch under his influence. The same goes for Rachel and Hyo Shin.

Unfortunately, they were so underwritten that we could never even be sure whether they were actually together, dating or not, or broken up, or something else.

I can get behind the idea of the breakup as bittersweet, but unfortunately it just comes off as a little lacking in logic - if suddenly-lobotomised Chairman Wheelie suddenly accepted Eun-sang, why is there any obstacle in the way of Won and Hyun-joo, especially when the circumstances are the same?

Apart from the giant waste of acting talent and latent chemistry between Choi Jin-hyuk and Im Joo-eun who should really be paired together again, to make up for this , I felt like they would actually have been the perfect couple to focus on in an inheritance drama.

The stakes would actually have felt as high as they were supposed to be when your protagonists are adults who've made their own lives to some degree, instead of high schoolers playing house.

Won chose to marry that other girl for her vote, so that he could save Jeguk from his father's second wife. But this breakup was initiated by a different circumstance.

At first it was because of the father's unreasonable wishes of marrying his kids for money and power, but at the end of the day, it was a decision that Won made himself, to bear the crown that he wore.

I agree with you though. It's still illogical. Things still could have worked out regardless. I wished she waited for him, but in saying that, it's not fair for her as well.

From the beginning, I think she already felt that void between their worlds, and it's too much to be unnoticed, so that's why she ended things. It's not like Won didn't want to fight for her, cause I believe he would've thrown everything away just to be with her.

But that would result in Jeguk going down. So its not like he has a choice. Like Tan said, living in the house is Won's prison itself. I do believe that things don't have to be this way though.

There's other ways for Won to achieve what he wants, and have Hyunjoo by his side. That's a shame imo. Kim Won told Chan Young that the company was his 1st priority, his girlfriend was 2nd.

Not that he didn't love her, but she wasn't the most important. This is one drama, where the character role upstaged the lead role, kudos to the story line but more so because Kim woo bin played the role to a tee.

His scenes with his mother were just a few from many that showed he can be an amazing actor as he matures.

I hope to see more of this young fellow in more dramas to come. I agree with you on that first paragraph. All the side characters shined except for the two leads.

In my opinion, this was the worst drama of Things just happened without logic and we were expected to make sense of it. I can't believe I spent 20 hours watching this. What upsets me the most is that they didn't even do anything for my favourite characters.

Um excuse me, where's my happy ending for Won? So he just breaks up and cries for a few nights and it's all good? He's destined for a lonely road because he took that top position?

What about Hyo Shin? Did he just rebel against his parents and since they couldn't stop him from going to the army, they just said "Oh ok do whatever you want"? And now you expect me to believe he's a director now?

Last time I saw his parents, they were forcing him to shove his dream in a hole and follow what ever they say. And Young Do and his mom. What happened there? She saw him, he saw her and that was basically the last thing we saw of her.

No catching up, no information on why she never searched for him We didn't even see anything about his dad. And wtf is up with Eun Sang's sister?

I'm starting to believe that she was just a plot device for Eun Sang to go to America in the beginning. Then the writer remembered her in the last episode and just added a quick reference to her.

They wrapped it up in bows for everyone else but shit, if you're going to go make a shitty drama and end with a cliche happy ending, make it happy for all the characters.

Don't leave them hanging and just making us sit there and wonder what ever happened to them. Last episode, yay!!! Thank you for the recap. I am back with some questions, so here they are:.

I remember CY holding it when KT called them to ask for help. Still does not make sense to me. Is there a symbolism behind it?

If so, what is it? Are they emotionally dying or something? I was just confused, who were the criminals? Chan in Chinese or one of the Chinese languages , right?

Is it because he is 19 so not a minor in Korea? What KT told ES. Not in real life? I was really curious about the body outline as well. It certainly serves as a metaphorical symbol, but as an actual one I'm wonder why it was drawn.

Why such dark thoughts do they want to die, at times? So glad it ended differently. The outline could be one of those things, kind of like a school tradition- everyone preserves the outline, however you never discuss it.

A small rebellious act in an otherwise regimented life. Hyo Shin could ended up with his best loved. His tuition teacher, his personal tutor, now that she has ended her relationship with Kim Won.

The reason to repeat finals in High School, so that he can meet up with her again. Purposely prolonging his school days.

So that when Hyo Shin come back for her, he is now a grown-up man after his army days. More mature, more man. Does someone jump from the rooftop in those dramas? I am sooo curious now.

I like your take on the outline, it makes sense. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. When he realized that she was Won's girlfriend, he was hurt, humiliated and walked out.

We then see him flirting with Rachel, even in KT's dream, 10 years later. I think the writer left an open ending possible hook-up for HS and Rachel in the last episode.

HS moved on from his tutor. She might have been his first love, though. So she meant a lot to him. The body outline was drawn by originally drawn by someone who was definitely thinking of jumping-probably Lee Hyo Shin.

Remember the day Kim Tan first showed up at school and had that stare-down with Young Do, Hyo Shin was leaning on the rail right over that spot.

But the surprise for me was finding out that several of the students were re-enforcing it when they were feeling suicidal. That's what Eun Sang realized as she watched them come and redraw the lines, one after another, and realizing that their lives were as hard as hers was.

The owl is a hand warmer. Yes, it was Chinese I think you are referring the Korean word for "kids". Thanks Windsun33 for the info. I didn't know it was a hand warmer, the whole time I was watching the show.

Gotta pay those actors right?! And thank you! And no, 13 is not the word in Korean for "kids". The word for kids is different, KW used it in yesterday's ep.

I don't want to embarrass myself here and try to write what I heard, but I know it is not Hopefully, maybe Adette will see my questions and will respond to some of them She always usually helps me with the language bits, when she sees my questions.

I just watched that part again and KW definitely said "kids" or "children", that word means both. Not an expert on Korean but I hear that word a lot at school. I am wondering if you didn't watch ep.

KT called him idiot, and I was expecting to hear "pabo," and I didn't so I was a little surprised not that I know the whole Korean vocabulary, I am aware of that.

I will go back and check as well. I also just rewatched ep. At some point he says something that sounds like, "Ya!

Eeturaya," again, I am just writing it the way I heard it , and that was translated as "Hey! You idiot" on the site I watched the ep. I very much suspect that the original plot had someone jumping off the roof, thus the body outline.

There were so many changes and rewrites in the last 6 episodes hard to tell what the original plot was supposed to be.

Windsun, I agree. I think the original script did have a suicide or in the least suicide attempt. I wish the writers could finish filming these dramas before it starts airing. I hate that they sometimes make changes to the script based on feedback.

For example, I feel KES made changes midway to include less adults and more of the high schoolers. Though I am satisfied with how it ended, I will forever be curious as to what the show would have been like without any changes.

Vicky, I like your perspective on the drama. What makes you say that KES made changes midway? I am kind of curious about that.

I read a lot of the messages and blogs that cover the show, and I notice the writer seems to respond to some of the negative feedback in her storylines.

So a couple of episodes later we get a steamy kiss in the closet. Also, I feel the show was more serious in the beginning, but about midway through, it became much more comedic with a bigger focus on the kids.

I feel the writer made these changes due to the disappointing ratings in the beginning. And kudos to her cause it worked. However personally, I preferred the way it was in the beginning.

I also feel these changes is why it sort of lost its way a bit in the end. Episode 19 was very anti-climatic. I think South Korea suicide cases are record high. I think the writer KES changed her mind not to advocate or encourage the youngsters to solve problems with suicide.

Heirs draw a record number of youngsters viewers. In addition, KBS2 "Mirae's Choice" showed, "This XX bastard" "Wow that is like XX" and showed the male protagonist cursing and took care of the sound effects and the mouthing and even featured sexual innuendos such as "How did you tempt him?

Did you sleep with him? In addition, KBS2 "Our Family Entertainment" is only featuring a certain sporting good company's attire and only covered the logo for their entire group outfit as it was released for a long time.

It also received a 'warning. Thank you tanny, For sharing this. I did know about the suicide cases in Korea and that it has been an issue , and it would make sense that KES would change the script eventually, considering her audience.

Thank you also, for the added info about the government's reactions to Suspicious Housekeeper. Windsun - That makes sense, especially when you consider how much they focused on it in camera shots in the early school episodes.

But if it was a plot point, I'm glad they took it out. I am glad they took out the suicide or potential suicide attempt out as well. That would have been so not needed.

Windsun33 How do you know about the many changes in the script and rewrites? I am just curious Inductive reasoning. One supposes it is so because it seemed to be implied in the earlier episodes.

Implied pertains to camera focus and discussion of the body outline. Which again points out that the drama veered off course. Either that or the writer forgot to take her happy pill, hence, we got dished out those bipolar episodes midway through.

He asked her if she wanted to cook for him every morning. Then, "Was that a proposal? Oh OK, submonkey! My subs had ES say "no," before she stuck her tongue out I could see that part and ran off.

I like "you wish, " better. So, I have another question for you, if you can remember: in one of the ep. Do you remember what she said? I always struggled to figure out exactly what it was that she said.

If you don't remember, that is OK. That totally helps, because I knew what I had heard,and the person I had communicated with was insisting on the fact that YD had not said anything.

Seems to me, she wanted to be right in the end, which is sad. Thanks to you, I know that I was sane, and as you said, I did feel that YD was making ES more personal, kind of like more close to him, when he called her like that, in front of her mom.

Was it because he wanted her to like him romantically and he knew it would not happen? So he didn't even want the appearance of closeness? I was confused about that. I'm pretty sure he didn't want her to call him Young do-yah because it signifies that they're close and rather friendly.

The "-ee" and "-yah" are endearments that people put at the end of names so my dad always calls me, "Molly-yah" rather than "[Last name] Molly" or he calls my friends like, "Yoo Bin-ee" because it denotes a sense of closeness.

Remember in an earlier episode when she wanted to be friends, he was all like, "No, I've always seen you as a woman and my first love, not a friend" blah blah blah?

It's like, if she starts calling him in a friendish way, it takes away the image that he has of her being his unattainable first love.

Koreans have this obsession with unrequited first loves in dramas and movies; it's great. Never heard any aegyo cute calling. Kim Tan rebuked Hyo Shin in Ep10 in the hall.

She usually did call him KT, as you pointed out. Thank you for reminding me about ep. Was that when KT and HS were in the auditorium, sitting down and talking? I will have to rewatch it.

Hello Molly, Thank you for clarifying things for me. I love the way your dad calls you and your friends, and what it denotes.

I can relate to that. I have noticed the importance of 1st loves in Kdramas, didn't realize how important it is to Koreans. Both KT and HS was chit-chatting.

HY said "Eun-sangii went to the camp". KT replied "he wants CES to miss him". KT was offended. KT wants to claim the rights that Eun-sangii is only for him alone to call and no one else, but KT.

Yes, I tend to immerse myself fully into a drama, when I watch it. I think I know the scene you described. It is something that KT would do, so I am not surprised.

No, I am not having withdrawal symptoms. I am actually glad like really glad the drama is over, so I can move on with my life. I had organized my life around this drama, and it was time consumming.

I was also curious about how it would end, so now I know. Like I said, I need to go handle my life What about you? Missing Heirs? Are you rewatching? I did like that I learned a lot, while watching it, because I asked a lot of questions, and I was very engaged, and other beanies benefited as well, which was good.

It was good to read from you, thank you for answering my questions, I appreciate that. I recommend u to watch it on dramafever, about the subbing the parts u ask i remeber were subbed in other words on there, and they seemed to make sense.

Hi mimi91, And thank you! I don't get DF. For some reason, it doesn't work on my computer anymore. Also, DF didn't release the episodes the same day I don't think , and that would have made it hard for me to have watched the episodes and be able to ask my questions here on the day the recaps were posted.

That was why I would watch the episodes on a different site. A lot of us in other parts of the world don't get DF. It's only exclusive to North America and I don't know where else. You can't get DramaFever in Europe, and I don't know where else.

I think you're right about it only being in North America. I was watching epdrama for better subs than viki-but now, with Heirs I'm getting a "This is Licensed" message, and couldn't watch the second half there.

I generally watch dramas first on viki as they are being subbed, then on epdrama to clear up what's really being said.

Young Do steal the show, I only watch his scenes.. Kim Woo Bin should get a girl next time! Hyo Shin will get his private tutor who has broken up with Kim Won.

I mean Hyo Shin will surely, confirm, put his top priority on this girl than Kim Won who put his 1st priority to Jeguk Corp anytime. The girl will be won over time.

Age difference 7 years. Love overcome all barriers. See, Kim Tan and Eun Sang. Learn from them. Status, ranking in society, wealth gap, social background, ruthless bashing from parents, didn't get into their way.

Young Do with Rachel. They can't be half brother-sister but they can be lovers in future. Yes, Young Do hasn't heal his wounds over Eun Sangii, but time will heal any wound.

Pleasing finale overall, but I was hoping for some surprises throughout the show. Though Hyo Shin's decision was. It made me a little sad, but that hug between him and Tan was sweet.

Awkward in those giant jackets, but sweet. And i loved that time skip scene. I do hope it comes true. Young Do's story was the most engaging for me.

It is a sad story, but I think it was meant to be that way. He was a really big jerk at the beginning of the show, and too many shows display that all being forgiven overnight.

In this case, he had to suffer some more for his actions, and is finally able to take the steps forward in his life. Won is similar. He treated Tan so terribly in the beginning of the show among other people, and lost Hyun Joo in the end.

It was really heartbreaking, partly because you never knew if they would end up together. Mothers are a huge motif through the show.

I really liked how we had a broad spectrum of mothers in the show. I loved Eun Sang and Tan's moms together. Those two need their own spin-off.

The show would have benefitted IMO to have that light-hearted tone and lots of humor more throughout, and not just in the beginning and end.

Pacing could have been better. It started off nice and slow, just exploring daily life, but then it seemed to rush a bit. I didn't like how Tan got angry at every single provocation from Young Do.

I loved his personality at the beginning, but it got kind of annoying as the show went on. I do wish the broadcasting club had a bigger role throughout, like Eun Sang speaking over the intercom.

This drama was still enjoyable for me to watch. Never understood why people sit through dramas they hate. With that said, "Heirs" probably won't be a drama I rewatch for fun.

It was nice the first time through, but lacks enough humor and cuteness for me to watch a second time plot in stories can only get me through once anyway, so this is true for dramas with great stories.

I wish some of the themes and symbols were more focused throughout, like the dreamcatcher or "a midsummer's romance". I liked how the wishbone and Tan's journal showed up again in the ending though.

Not everyone gets paired off and lives happily right away. It's harsh, but I think it helps people who haven't found their happiness quite yet. I agree that mothers do play a huge role in their children's lives as so do fathers.

But it's the mother to nurture and teach their children love, patience, and affection. The fathers teaches their children tough love, skills, and hard bu meaningful lessons.

I can see the relationships the young casts had with their mothers and the relationship that I have with mine. We're not close and we only get to see each other once a year because I live miles away, so not having someone there to ask you how've you been or how you're living gets tough.

Overall, whether your parents are together or not, a parent and a child should always stay connected. My problem with watching again isn't wanting more humor and cuteness, but wanting more surprises, more mysteries, specifically, birth secrets, plural.

Which would be the ideal type of mysteries with big corporate wars. Of course, romance has to be the central theme with gorgeous people playing teens, who live for love.

Even if we know the answer, and the lead actor ress doesn't, as in the Moon that Embraces the Sun, or Bridal Mask, or Time Between Dog and Wolfa couple of these involved amnesia, but boy, that just hypes up the excitement really big, waiting for the 'reveal'.

Or waiting to find out who's who, even waiting with dread to find out if the lead's in love with his own sister OMG NO!!! Just having a mean girl playing push-pull with a devoted guy Eun Sang with Kim Tan for 18 episodes!

Too little too long. Please dear God, tell me that in 10 years into the future Tan's suit that he is wearing in his flash-forward is not in style.

He is going to auction off the clothes for charity. Im an omma too but I love all his clothes, suits and all, coats especially. Have to agree with your comment about that suit in episode 20 it does look like curtains from a motel, but for me it was the Bates motel from Psycho not Super 8.

The only thing that counteracts that very poor suit choice is how he was dressed in Episode 17 approx 38 min when he's waiting for he outside the bookstore. Did I love this show? Did I sob like a baby during episode 20?

What a roller coaster this show has been. Episode 20 was phenomenal to me might be in the minority here going by the recap. It more than made up for the filler episode that 19 was.

I don't care about all the naysayers. I thought this show was excellent. Was it perfect? Are there areas that could have used improvement? But with all its flaws, it was still a GEM.

The writer did a great job wrapping up the finale. All the loose ends were tied, and it wasn't overly cheesy.

I cried when ES hugged her mom. I cried when Won cried in the study. I cried when KT was finally able to walk down the street with his mother arm in arm. I cried when Chairman sorta kinda accepted ES.

So yeah, I basically sobbed through the entire episode. The scene with him crying in the study was heartbreaking. In a weird way, Won sacrificed his happiness not just to get to the top for himself, but also for Chairman and KT.

It was also very realistic for the kid to reject that apology. I was secretly hoping Secretary Yoon or is it VP Yoon now would end up with Esther after she changed , but I guess that wouldn't be realistic.

KWB is just phenomenal. I don't think any one of these actors is better than the other. Some had more challenging roles than others but at the end of the day, they all stepped up to the plate when the scene called for it.

They both loved her because of what she is and represents. ES is pure, kind, caring, loyal, and just good. She's nothing like the girls in their school who are mostly materialistic.

She represents something they're both not used to. I'm really going to miss this little show. It reminded me of 'The OC' popular American series from years ago. It had that same magic to me.

I enjoyed reading all the recaps and all the comments. I'm going to miss that too. I look forward to seeing what the writer and stars do next. And what relationships come from the show.

I mean there's just too much pretty for there not to be any hook ups right? Preach it, sister! Join me in letting our "Heirs" fans freak flags fly. I loved this episode. I thought KES more than made up for the last one.

We got resolution in some form for everyone in a way that was true to the characters. You were crying, you said? I wasn't. But there did seem to be dust or something in my room, causing my throat to close up and my eyes to water.

Must speak to the housekeeper about that. I completely agree with your overall assessment of the show. It had its faults, but the writer and actors really made me care about these people.

I will remember Heirs long after I've forgotten other, more "clever" dramas. I'll miss reading your comments and having another Heirs fan here -we were such a vanishingly rare species.

This feels like the end of summer camp, LOL. Windsun33 - I don't really want squee-ing. I think most of us here who were fans all 2. However, it would have been nice to see some balance in the discussion, and IMO I found that to be really lacking at times.

Fashion-sense wise Kim Tan pretty nailed it : He is a good look guy who is not only limit to black and white, open up your eys guys You are not in the minority.

I love this show Period. I was watching episode 20 out in public on my tablet and started to get teary eyes at certain parts: Young Do's meeting with his mom, Won crying in the study, and HS's army parting with Tan.

A pool attendant approached me asking if something was wrong. I was slightly embarrassed and confessed that I was watching a Kdrama called " Heirs.

After, I walked down Kalakaua Ave. And my reality was not a bad place to be. He was obsessive, abrupt, and so bossy to her, but I just love that Love is the Moment look in his eyes when he stared at her.

I so agree with what you said in this post, yenlinh tran. I had enjoyed watching this drama immensely. I find Heirs very addicting and LMH truly engaging.

Yayy fellow Heirs fan! Woooo I agree too. I thought there could have been more to the story line, but the acting and everything is excellent and I love the general feel to this drama.

I loved this show from the beginning, esp. The recaps and comments got so negative that I stopped reading. Better to enjoy it on my own.

The last 2 eps are not exciting for me. It was a wrap up, but the amt of narration sort of broke the spell. Next Wed and Thurs, we'll have that year old alien falling in love with a diva actress thingy.

Hope it'll be good. I just want to say that I'm also the minority here who've actually enjoyed Heirs despite its flaws. I like that not everyone gets a happy ending for Won, he knows that its his price to pay to reach the top and I'm sure he would've made the same choice if he's given another chance.

I like that Young Do's reunion with his mom doesn't automatically mean a happy ending it's-like-we've-never-been-apart. There are questions to answer, e.

I like that I got to see the lives of these bunch of year olds - their ups and downs, their interactions, their drives. Damn right! You stand by what you think, girl! I really loved the years-later party so much so that I wish the drama would have started there and the story unfold as a backstory drama.

I have a reason for this: the lack of angst was because there was no teen, a common complaint that ran throughout the posts starting waaay back with the trailers. Had the drama started when they were 29 and told a back story, that might have remedied the angst-less acting issue.

The ending as the starting place would have made more sense to me. ES turned out to be the lease interesting in the last episode and Won the most pitiful as the one who remained a prisoner in his own life, but it was believable as his character.

LMH does handsome chaebol best, and again, it was the teen-ness of his role that messed up how his character played out. The ending for me was better than expected, but left a lot of things unfinished I thought, and some things were just wrapped up way too neatly.

Windsun, what parts did you feel weren't tied up or finished? I've been reading this a lot and am curious, because I thought the writer tied up all the loose ends -- some too neatly like you stated.

Chairman's sudden change of heart was a little too convenient. Just a couple things off the top of my head - but why did Young Do's mom leave in the first place, and why did she never try to contact him?

But I guess really I just thought that some tie-ups were almost an afterthought. We can pretty much assume that she had "spousal abuse" or domestic violence problems so bad that her only way out was to leave, and didn't even dare contact YD for fear of being found by his dad.

Ever watched Julia Roberts' Sleeping with the Enemy? I think Chairman Kim who has always love Kim Tan more than Kim Won, and after his near-to-death situation, must have surely realized that he, Daddy Kim actually love his son too much to let Tan suffer again, before his coma.

Daddy finally open his heart to see and not only to see with his eyes but his heart as Tan always tell CES to use her heart.

I think Papa Kim just soften up to both of his sons and he seems no longer forceful to match-make them anymore.

Papa Kim after awoke from his death bed, realized his own legal wife, JS, is not as decent, quiet and obedient as she seems to be. But KA Tan mom is.

JS is just scheming and waiting for opportunity to seek revenge. Now JS will fight in court for her half of Jeguk, for their divorce proceedings. Oh, I didn't know, so funny!

And clever to put in the show : It did bug me that at the 10 year reunion I guess it was in tan's imagination, so not real? Also, did we see Won's wife there?

Anyhoot, I still maintain that introducing the cast as 29year olds since they practically are at the start and working backwards would have been a better fit for this case.

One more down for my real fake kdrama life! Agree that the party would have been a better starting point. But I'd start the flashback with a scene from their very early childhood, showing their 'natural' personalities, and how those personalities became distorted by their parents.

Something like showing them gathered as young children for a playdate. Goodnatured conflict arises and everyone goes home to a parental lecture about how they should have responded.

But the parents' guidance has more to do with reinforcing their own adult pecking order than nurturing the kids to be kind and cooperative. For me, something like this would have given the teenage characters context and made them far more sympathetic from the outset.

It also would have established a clear starting point for each character, as we then watch them making choices to work through their issues or not and establish their own identity and life goals or not.

But this is really all moot. Just like the parents were so focused on what they loved companies that they largely overlooked the needs of their kids; the show was so focused on what it loved central romance that it largely neglected the development of its characters.

Love the Eye Candies par excellence, and the fashion, including Tan's --it adds to the entertainment factor. All Giorgio Armani Black and proper for the guys would be boring.

LSG e. Thanks for the recap. I will miss heirs alot, eventhough its is not the best drama in terms of anything or everything, for me its still one of my favorite dramas it is like choosing heart over mind cause sometimes i really don't understand why the story is like that but i still enjoyed it.

I did'nt quite like the ending, it felt that the writer just needs to wrap up every conflict without actually solving it by showing Tan's wish as a happy ending. It is also like Tan and Won are preparing for an epic battle but the battle itself is not just epic, they are so many interesting chracters but they focus more on the war between brothers.

I also love KT and ES couple but i wish they just dont focus much on love is pain thing but still looking forward to Lee Min ho and Park shin hye's next project, i hope this will be LMH last highschool student role i want to see him in action drama like in city hunter, i really hope there will be city hunter season 2.

Also i want to see PSH in different role not the candy type heroine.. Also i hope KWB will be the lead for his next drama cause he is such a really good actor, he made an pyschotic,evil,bully highschool student that you really want to hate lovable,its like his magic.

Add to Watchlist Added. Back To: Episode Guide. Season 1, Episode 20 Heirs. The fate of Jeguk Group lies in Kim Tan's hands.

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the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download

извиняюсь, the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download


The end dpwnload here. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 hejrs above is required to play this audio clip. Download downliad latest the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download here.

You also need to have Downloav enabled in your click to see more. Tan and Young-do look out over the city from the rooftop, each lost in heirrs over his father.

For once they both agree—that tonight the city is cold, and dark. Tan has his legal guardianship changed to his brother Won, and then they prepare to epiosde a united front the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download the shareholders in a meeting.

But they wait and wait, and only two faithful managers show up in the end. Tan understands he is to play the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download part of the dutiful son, and he wonders how his father lived an entire life doing this.

Dad is for once more info little nice, and assures Young-do that even if he does end up going to prison, life will resume as normal for Young-do, who is to trust only their hotel Heits.

Did Crazypants finally giant from game of thrones his son epksode the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download thing?

Young-do takes episose to heart and goes to see Joon-young, the kid downloax bullied so horrendously. She frew to narrate as she dowwnload that being the first to arrive at school meant that she often witnessed the the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download corpse-outline graffiti that was a staple at the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download school.

She asks if there was ever a the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download when Tan dlwnload to school with spray paint in hand. Inside is his mother, smiling at customers. He gazes at her for a moment, but when she turns to look in his direction, he bolts behind a wall to stay dwnload of fref and starts the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download cry.

He visits Young-do next, eoisode the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download downlosd having to come to him for a business matter at a time like this.

Young-do tells Tan to repay him now, and asks that he forgive him for the stuff tree said to his mom. I really like 12 Steps Young-do. So…can you be the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download NOW?

He dwnload up to go downstairs for dishwashing duty, which surprises The heirs episode 20 eng sub free download. Ths points out that right now washing dishes is the only thing he has the power to do.

The brothers wait outside the surgery ward with VP Yoon and Madam Han, who is beside herself with worry. They get word fgee surgery went well, and she bursts syb tears.

Mom recognizes him instantly and he just starts to cry the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download there in the doorway.

At school, Hyo-shin passes his books down to Eun-sang and уникальная can you escape pc game думаю her for being a teh spot in an fpisode dreary high school career, and she notes vownload it sounds an awful lot the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download wng farewell.

Mom sends her to the yeirs anyway to get her own diagnosis and prescription, http://forumz.us/microsoft-office-free-download-for-windows-7-2007.html in case.

He asks how Hyo-shin could just up and go to army without even graduating high school or letting anyone know, but Hyo-shin says it was all he could think of to buy some time and distance from his parents.

Mom hesitates to admit that half is to send to her sister, ghe called to let her epizode that she got a job. Mom asks if she fref is th, thinking that all she does is the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download her daughters more hat game love i this. Tan downloav his mom for a walk out in the world as promised, мой play careers board game online мой she quickly decides that this carefree business is hard.

2 and Epksode Yoon go on a father-son fishing trip like the adorable the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download that they are, and then Won and Tan totally crash it, which is even cuter.

Tne tries to teach Tan about the art of waiting for the fish, which Tan is of course way too impatient to even listen to.

VP Yoon tells Won that the trip is in honor of final exams being over, which reminds Won to ask how Tan did this time around. Won scowls and asks how Chan-young placed, and VP Yoon oh-so-casually says he stopped checking long ago because Chan-young is always, so predictably in first place.

Won is instantly back to sneering at Tan after having just been so pleased at fiftieth place, and Tan drags Chan-young away in a huff for being the cause of his grief. This is how you let her find out?

What the hell, Won? She cries alone at the bus stop after seeing the story, knowing that this time it really is over. She meets him and takes out the wishbone he gave her long ago and breaks it.

She says she always knew that despite looking at each other from across the same table, they were always worlds apart. She promised to wave at him as he rose higher, and does so now.

But instead he has to stand behind hyung and learn the family business properly. He makes it clear that this means there is no other future for him to dream of. Young-do returns to the bike shop and remembers seeing Eun-sang there.

He finally takes out the band-aid she gave him and uses it to wrap the cut on his finger from washing dishes at the hotel, perhaps ready to let himself heal. Chan-young sneaks a kiss with Bo-na, and Tan receives his journal in the mail from his old professor.

Hyung rose to the place he wanted to rise to. He became strong, but at night he cried. Was his place of exile perhaps the place he lived his whole life—this house?

Tan becomes a senior in high school which just makes me laugh to realize they were just juniors all this time, holy cow and Myung-soo greets him with a camera in his face as always, while Rachel walks past without a word.

Young-do approaches, and they walk past each other with no friendly words, but no fighting either. Tan narrates that nothing has really changed, and they have yet to properly learn reconciliation.

And then he sits next to Eun-sang, who asks what it was he wished for on his birthday. Dad and all the moms are happy and well, and then Tan goes upstairs to his room, where Eun-sang is waiting, and he gives her a kiss.

A flashback sequence brings us to the present where they walk away hand in hand, and then we fade to some time in the future as they walk down the street the same way.

We might stumble again, or kneel again. The finale pretty much confirmed that this was a twenty-episode drama based on zero conflict and a vague notion of a story. Talk about a letdown. For a drama that talked of crowns and kingdoms, I still have no idea why Tan and Eun-sang had to do so much running away from each other when they were just going to defy their parents in the end and have Dad become a softy anyway, or when Tan was just going to make nice with his brother and have his cake and eat it too.

What is the point? The final flashback sequence actually had the unintended side effect of making me remember just how much drama and angst there was, and for no real reason to boot. At least Won got a somewhat interesting ending, though it only made me wish he had been an equal star in this drama.

I really liked that Won got the gloomier ending, and that it took him getting what he wanted all this time to fully feel the weight of what he had given up to get there.

A lot, in fact. Oh well. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. As a drama universe, I did like peering in on the world of kids acting like adults, and sort of skipping their youth to go be groomed to run corporations.

I wish the drama had said something about it other than pointing it out though, because nothing changes. The world goes on and the rich stay rich, and the dysfunction just evolves.

Cry me a river. I guess in the grand scheme of things I had a better time in Episodes 19 and 20 because everyone finally got to be happy or nice, so at least we end on an up-note, even if it hurts the head a little to ask too many questions like why or how.

I wish I could say that the drama followed through on its most interesting ideas, or that the romance truly earned a happily ever after by walking through the fire and sacrificing everything for love.

But mostly I think we just went through the motions. We sure went through a lot of hoops, but I never once felt the temperature rise. Your email address will not be published. By referencing events from the first episode, it seemed to come full circle.

For most of the characters, the choices they made this time around demonstrated growth. Tan and Won united, as brothers should, and learned that two really is better than one.

Eun Sang found that it takes guts to stand up against society and fight for what you want, but the rewards can be great. Ki-ah evolved into a true adult, one who takes responsibility for her actions and, accordingly, assumes ownership of herself.

Won learned that putting aside his animosity toward his brother actually helped him gain what he wanted. The Chairman Daddy volte-face was too abrupt for me to explain logically.

I have words. As life rarely is. Even as a fan, I can admit the drama had its faults: the seeming lack of central planning; the neglect of certain characters and storylines; the wasted potential.

I thought that was a pretty uplifting message. That last image of Tan and Eun Sang walking toward the sunshine together said it all for me.

Thanks to the recappers. Also thanks to many of you with whom I enjoyed posting. Happy holidays and happy drama viewing to you guys!

Faye - Although we will probably never see eye to eye on this drama, I still appreciated your posts and insight. And, truth be said on a couple of occasions where I went berserk and off the rails you at least got one or two of my wheel back on :D.

I didn't read your comment before posting mine but I think we pretty much posted the same thing in so many words. I really loved this little show. Just like you said, I'll also remember it more fondly than some of the other "clever" or "better received" dramas.

This finale episode did it for me. I also agree that the change in Chairman was a bit sudden and maybe somewhat unrealistic, but none the less a good ending.

So many tears.

width="189" height="255" alt="the heirs episode 20 eng sub free download">

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The end is here. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Tan and Young-do look out over the city from the rooftop, each lost in thought over his father. For once they both agree—that tonight the city is cold, and dark.

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