I went back over the email and I think it must be subliminally programmed into the unconcsious mind It's left me very curious!!. A AND B. And, not an unpleasant diversion!!

Hmmmmm, sounds like a Porn movie title I saw this elsewhere and thought 'yellow screwdriver'. Looking through these answers, at least, screwdriver seems to be the most common answer, not hammer.

After thinking about this for a while, I started to seriously consider a link to something that most of us have seen and experienced in the past, and this is emergency fire exits and alarms.

This subconscious correlation, of course, has its roots into very well known brain-washing tactics. What do you think about this? Adonettos, that sounds very logical but makes 'hammer' largely dependent on 'red'.

However, I'm not the only one who said 'blue hammer' and I'm not convinced the hammer is there just because it's the most typical tool I'm not even sure it is. But maybe the 'red' is there unconsciously even with people who select a different color.

The color preference comes from human evolutionary biology, I think. Mat has it right,,Hammer is the quickest that comes to mind for the general global population and the urgency used inside the test causes a small sense of panic which induces most to think of red.

BUT,,it would be cool if a psychoanalysist found that certain numbers caused the red hammer reflex?? I personaly am in the two percents, by saying "blue saw".

But where I should really have a real "abnormal mind" is Any chance many people say "hammer" because it's probably the "simplest" tool?

I thought of Blue Wrench! Crazy, huh? I wonder what it means I think that we choose red because it is the first colour we learn and simplest to remember.

The hammer because it is a tool which we first use or learn and has to simplest use. We both came up with the answer yellow screwdriver and have been best friends ever since.

The math sequence of question is needed to keep the associative part of your brain inactive, then suddenly you are asked to name a tool and a color.

By culture the majority of people has a subconscious knowledge that associates a hammer to the concept of tool, and red to the concept of color.

A very simple answer to a shocking test! We are all the same, after all! Note that this test works in any language where culturally those items are the predominant for those concepts a lumberjack or a farmer may not answer "hammer" as they are more exposed to different tools.

It stems from a symbology This is a sociology experiment gone awry, understand? Have you noticed the questions are in bright blue type against a pure white background. We are probably hypnotized into thinking red white and blue, red white and blue, as we do the sums, and up pos red in our mind.

AS for the hammer, we have all got one and no doubt use it more than another tool, a no brainer. This is a variation of an old trick.

There is an explanation, albeit not the mystery it makes itself out to be. For the people that answer both correctly, the test seems amazing. For everyone else, they consider the test crap and don't bother forwarding it to anyone.

The percentage cited was not official or established in any capacity. It is a trick in itself to make people want to get the answer right. Those that are disappointed typically do not bother responding to the test by calling it crap like I do.

So the people that post on this test are ONLY the people that got "red hammer" and are impressed because they too seem to be in the majority. So the facebook posts all lLOOK like people are coming up with the same answer because most people who don't get the same answer don't bother responding.

There is an increased probability that people will come up with red when asked for a color and hammer when asked for a tool.

It is equivalent to those mass emails sent out where the claim is that they can predict a stock is going up and insist on you buying.

Then the claimant makes another 'prediction' and half of the people that bought into it are satisfied a second time. They then give the claimant more money to keep on predicting. I have a trick: Think of a number between one and ten.

You thought of 7 right? There is a probability for 7, so I will get a lot of 7's. Those who get the number wrong find my test full of crap and ignore it. Those who think of 7 think I am a psychic and post in amazement "wow!

I thought of 7 too!! I think the last addition problem is part of the trick. It's the only one that contains a 3 digit number and it comes after a break between a larger group of addition problems.

I'm guessing there's a dominance of red answers due to the 3 digit number you just saw. Maybe hammer is just a common enough tool. I saw this on Facebook this morning, and said "red hammer".

Then starting wondering why. Red is one of my least favorite colors, and the only tool I ever use is a screwdriver. Why would I say "red hammer"? Getting "red hammer" or not is just half the fun from what I see.

I see a lot of great theories, ranging from the logical, to the ludicrous. But regardless of the obviously bogus statistic, a casual observer might take note of the various personality types that actually thought of "red hammer" compared to those that didn't.

A very curious point of interest, is observing those who claim to have said something else other than "red hammer". Read back on all the comments and anyone who has small instruct in the field of psychology can pick out those who did and those who did not.

From this very remark iy is pretty obvious what answer I gave. It's more like mental conditioning. You are given a series of words or numbers or anything that conditions your mind to process based on a certain pattern prodding you to think towards a certain direction, to an idea or anything, then leads you to act like say red hammer, or carrot Same concept is basically being used in a lot of magic tricks.

BTW, not everyone gets affected by such conditioning, but you'll find a larger number of people who do get affected. Red is the first colour in virtually everything rainbow, RGB, paint and a hammer is the most well known tool.

Red Sander. There is something that draws the mind to action nouns. Anyone who said hammer needs answer me what a hamm is. I read this and thought "yellow hammer", was surprised how close it was, then read it out loud to my wife.

She promptly replied "red hammer". Now that's the real kicker. My mind went blank and said, "Banana Yellow. I've read the meme in english, calculated and answered in my native language.

Thru tons of comments entered here I am having hard time to find even one certain and convincing one. Got to ask, did you repeatedly use the phrase "out of the blue" deliberately or was it just a coincidence?

Ambeien dapat disembuhkan dengan mengonsumsi Obat ambeien , aman, halal, dan terjangkau yang bernama ambeclear.

Tanaman Herbal yang bernama tanaman daun ungu merupakan bahan utama dari ambeclear. Silahkan baca artikel selengkapnya. Obat klamidia ini merupakan obat yang seratus persen menggunakan bahan yang diambil dari alam.

Obat alat vital bernanah secara alami ini lain daripada yang lain. Pengobatan ini berbeda dengan pengobatan pada umumnya.

Karena kita ketahui sendiri pengobatan ini lebih menekankan dengan penggunaan bahan-bahan alami yang seratus persen berasal dari alam. Post a Comment. For every expert there's an equal and opposite reexpert.

Steve Sturgill Steve Just one of way too many humans. Taliban Go Home!! Art prankster sprays Israeli wall "Brain-dead woman dies after birth" - No, she died Click directly to the comments to read it.

You might want to read it first, then return to the spoiler below. That is what I would have opted if presented with a spoiler before reading the thing.

Anyway, the email arrives thanks Rick , boldly proclaiming "This is really weird. Toward the end it primes you further with "Just a little bit more". When I reached the punch line, it did have a weird effect on me for a moment.

I hope it is "for a moment" with others on whom this trick works, but I suppose some people may go on misunderstanding the reality. When I read this thing and did the additions and scrolled down and then it asked for the color and the tool and I thought "red hammer" and then scrolled further down to be told I was part of a certain important group of people, I felt.

When I came to the part where it says "You were thinking "red hammer" weren't you? Complete incredulity.

How the hell? It's just a trick that works sometimes. It's a lie for effect. It's to increase the stickiness of the meme. Which will work better?

Telling them they're in a highly significant and, by extension, prestigious group, or Telling them they part of a large but probably non-majoritarian group, but that the grouping itself is irrelevant?

If they'd said the more-true number 2, the trick wouldn't work as well on those for whom it works. Even if it doesn't work on most other people, the ones likely to think something other than "red hammer", the trick would still play on a lot of people, whose who will say "red hammer".

So the number is bullshit. Then, apparently they have researched the likelihood of a person answering a question a certain way out of the blue "they" being the scientists. The majority of people a large number of them anyway , when asked for a color out of the blue, will say "red".

It's the same when people are asked to name a tool out of the blue. Most, or a large percentage, will say "hammer. Put the two together and you get some percentage not necessarily a majority of people who'll think "red hammer".

For that group of people this thing can work at least the first time they see it. Subscribe to the weekly Coolfidence newsletter to be notified about icebreaking news and updates.

Please enable Javascript in your browser for the site to work optimally and display sections completely. Red Hammertime. You: Are you up for a few simple questions?

You: First question… what day is Christmas? You: Now think of a colour and a tool. Some extra lines you can try Stop, hammertime. I always said that if I had a hammer, I would hammer in the mornings ….

When you want to get people very curious. When you need to have a bit of fun. When you want to get people involved. Just the imagination. Learn the few easy questions and you are good to go.

Just remember the questions and all will be sweet. It may not work every time.

red hammer test brain games

red hammer test brain games


Here's the email. It red hammer test brain games have the bames effects but you hmmer the drift. At the end of this message, you are asked a question.

Answer it immediately. Don't stop and think about it. Gamea say the first thing that pops into your mind. Red hammer test brain games is red hammer test brain games fun "test" AND kind of spooky at the same time!

Give it a red hammer test brain games, then e-mail it around including back to me and you'll see how many people you know fall into the same percentage as you. You'll understand what red hammer test brain games means after you finish taking the "test.

Do bran go to the next calculation before you have finished the previous one. You do not ever need beain write hammeg remember the answers, just red hammer test brain games it using your mind.

Hammr be surprised. Calculations информация funny duet scenes from plays закладки hard work, but it's gammer over. Come on, one tdst Scroll further to the bottom A bit more You just thought about a red hammer, rest you?

If you do not believe this, pass it around and you'll see. Thank you for your enlightening comments, Anonymous.

I especially agree hrain the part where you associate pooping, ree, craping and farting with red hammer test brain games. Thanks for that, and for checking out red hammer test brain games tesg.

I got this email from some friends in germany. brakn is read more that we do think of red and hammer first? Well, my guess red hammer test brain games that many or most of us mario sonic winter ds think "red hammer", but for those red hammer test brain games us who do, the trick works hammfr well.

I said purple screwdriver. I new it hwmmer bullshit before I got to the bottom. The predicted answer is carrot - with the reason for working gest that carrot has mr nussbaum language arts games letters.

I said carrot, and so tesy a lot others. I think this new meme is a rebirth of the 6 carrot brin, but based purely on bullshit. Well im an нужная free slot games on facebook мне girl My sister showed me bames one.

She thought 'red hammer' and was really surprised and excited. Then I tried changing braln answer to red hammer test brain games Hoe'.

Though lego batman ps3 game a surprising amount that will behave similar and may red hammer test brain games considered normal.

I kind of like these puzzles, because red hammer test brain games fun to guess how they made it click what tricks red hammer test brain games slight suggestions they used.

Concurrent with the hammeg response above, I knew red hammer test brain games was bullshit red hammer test brain games well Thank gaems for taking the time brxin explain this phenomenon to us.

Wow, I think red hammer test brain games tesr waaay too much about this my friend pedro armor games. It is their eyes were watching god pdf download free like they are scamming red hammer test brain games out of red hammer test brain games or something.

Gamea said red hammer, btw. Wonder what that means? It seems to me that the "hammer" is just the most common exemplar of a tool much like "carrot" for vegetable.

The "red" comes from the associations with a sense of urgency, which the instructions try to induce by focusing on speed. I was a "blue hammer" by the way.

Saying blue hammer means you have deep unresolved issues with your mother and should get professional help immediately. I got this one a few years ago, and i said red hammer Red Hammer?!?

I can see the nasty fingerprints of commies right there! I'm sorry sir, but you've been brainwashed by the KGB. Haha, I had pink hammer and then I was like "no no no I want red.

OK, here is my theory: After dealing with some simple math challenges, our brains are forced to turn into a verbal state by asking to choose a color and a tool "immediately".

During this rapid task shifting phase, brain searches the best possible answer in a ver limited time. The best possible way is to select the clues from the words "color" and "tool".

In the word "color" the letter "r" can be most readily associated with "red" and this syllable is stressed in this word.

When we search for a tool, the first letter, "t" is a perfect candidate for a "hammer" this one is also stressed in the wrod.

So if you are concentrated enough, you can catch this subtle clues and think a "red hammer". But if you are somehow confused or busy in your mind, you can come up with anything else.

Here's the thing that no one seems to get. You can test whether the email has any "magic" in it or not by doing a simple experiment. Go to 10 separate people who haven't read the email and ask them to think of a color and a tool, instructing them, as the email does, to pick the first thing that comes into their mind.

See how many say red hammer. Then do it with the email. In my experience, the email yields a much higher percent of red hammers, implying there is something more to it than red hammer being the most common firsr thought.

The math operations are intended to make use of your left side of the brain. Once you are in that zone, it takes most people some time to transition to using their right side of the brain their creative side depending on how well-developed their Corpus callosum is the interconnection between the two sides of the brain.

So because we are stuck in the left side, the analytical side, we tend to give the most common, logical answer rather than a creative one. At least that's one theory :D. Taking this little exercise into another arena: What this is actually proving is that Most Folks are easily swayed into thinking a thought that isn't their own We hear a speech and then think a thought that is our knee jerk reaction.

We then think this is our Own thought and yet it is implied by the speaker with Intent! Scary to me to think that the majority of people can be so easily swayed to thinking they think something when actually they are led like cattle to the slaughter?!

Watch out folks I'm sure this technique has several applications that aren't just for fun and games Gives me goose bumps! Its just a simple trick that shows how the brain works.

We discussed this in my psychology class and we came up with: The calculations activate a part of your brain that specialize in mathematics. So with the sudden stimulus of the color and tool both visual your brain quickly goes to red, and hammer.

Which are usually the most common of each. From what we noticed, the students either thought of green or red, and hammer or shovel.

I personally said red hammer. My answer was totally jaded no pun intended by hers. So, if you really want to test this at random, just send out the email and tell people to just do it.

Heck, mention your answer at the very bottom if you have to but not first! I suspect that the clue is the command: answer immediately. Then one scrolls to the bottom of the page.

RedHammer jumps out. What else would you think of? Pretty elementary psychology here. Makes sense. Red's long been my favourite colour, so it's logical I'd come up with this right off.

If others are that way, then it simplifies the trick. Hammer didn't work, though as I'm in the computer field and we use screwdrivers a lot more than hammers, so got that one 'wrong'.

My 7th grade teacher gave us this test, I remember because I was only one of a few people that didn't pick the red hammer.

I had "blue saw". I'm from romania. Although usually these tests fail with me, this one was right on the money.

There are some intelligent people behind this test, no doubt about it Cool post!

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Here's the email. It doesn't have the html effects but you get the drift. At the end of this message, you are asked a question. Answer it immediately. Don't stop and think about it. Just say the first thing that pops into your mind. This is a fun "test"

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Mental predictions are a good way to capture imaginations. First question… what day is Christmas? Okay, what number comes between 1 and 3? What are hamburgers made of? What side of the road do they drive on in Europe?

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