He left the unfinished film after he completed his contractual agreement. Sellers eventually came back to film other scenes, but kept calling his friend McGrath and begging him to return.

Charlie will give you a Rolls Royce if you come back. He gave me one! McGrath did not. John Huston was fresh off of finishing the epic film The Bible before he was invited to direct a sequence of Royale.

He was asked how did he get from King James to Ian Fleming? Feldman then offered Huston a painting if he would play the part, so he did, bald and with a Guards mustache.

However, he preferred to be paid not by a painting but by a Greek bronze head, which he recently fallen for. Ironically, it turned out to be worthless.

John Huston directing a scene at M's castle and Deborah Kerr as a converted double agent. Actress Deborah Kerr found herself in Royale by accident. She dropped by to visit her friend, John Huston, and was given a choice guest part that grew from ten days into two months of work.

Her part became so outrageous that in the end she had converted to being a Catholic nun. Harris, one of the many unsung heroes behind-the-scenes, added that Ursula Andress, who plays Vesper Lynd, was excited about a circus scene where she would be riding atop an elephant.

She had Harris create a shocking pink Elephant Boy outfit with pink-blue feathers. Peter Sellers changed the scene where he and Ursula Andress are riding an elephant and made it into a dream sequence with kilted Highlanders.

The Elephant Boy costume can be seen worn by Ursula in the spy control room. Unfortunately, Peter Sellers had one of his nightly prophetical dreams where his mother was saying not to do the scene because it was dangerous.

So the circus scene went away and kilted Highlanders was born. Ursula was so upset that Feldman created another scene where she could wear the Elephant Boy outfit while prancing around her spy control room with David Niven.

An expensive solution, but one must feel sorry for the elephant owner when he arrived with his five-toed pachyderm at the Shepperton Studio gates, only to be told from a disgruntled security guard that he was at the wrong studio.

Director Robert Parrish replaced McGrath and was perplexed when he was greeted with a huge, bare, white, cylindrical set. But then Peter came up with his dream sequence and those damn pipers.

Feldman paid him a case of champagne for his brief cameo role. Director Val Guest said in a Scarlet Street interview, "I went on under contract for eight weeks, and I was still under contract nine months later.

Feldman was a madman. There were days when you could hug him, and then other days when you could throttle him! Guest was in charge of directing the scenes with Woody Allen as the evil Dr.

Allen was quoted as saying he would have to leave in the middle of a sentence if this film went on much longer. By the time he actually started work he was on overtime. Then this stuff was never heard from again, in any form whatever.

Allen demanded a signed confession from Feldman that he, Woody, did none of the writing, although he tried. Take good care of old Ken, Feldman said.

Noah's island hideout from this deleted scene. Legendary stuntman and director Richard Talmadge, was in charge of the second unit. His contribution to the film is the final chaotic battle scene inside Casino Royale.

The entire scene took six weeks to film and featured actors and extras. Insurance firm, Lloyds of London, was so worried about this scene that they suspended the insurance during this portion of the film.

The main reason was due to Talmadge, who had directed the train wreak scene in How the West Was Won , when one of the stuntmen was crushed under fallen timber.

He suffered a heart attack during the production, which he blamed on Sellers. Everyday a new crises with people who have reached a certain point, good or bad, in their careers.

Stars are no real insurance for the success of a picture, you know, except possible for the performance they give. In my grave. Columbia Pictures announced that Casino Royale would open no sooner than Christmas Any form of a competing Bond film would spell disaster at the box office.

Three more deleted scenes - Top: Vesper is found dead on top of the roulette table. Right: Moneypenny evades Dr. Noah's guards by disguising herself in a wetsuit and fake duck homage to Goldfinger's pre-credit segment.

Noah's psychedelic maze. By early January, John Huston walked away from the film with scenes still not filmed. He told a surprised Val Guest that he would be shooting his remaining scenes.

Guest was now left alone to finish the monstrosity. For his dedicated commitment, Feldman offered an additional credit in the form of Coordinating Director. Guest barked, "This is coordinated?

Heavy publicity followed in the months leading up to the premiere. Movie theaters hung huge posters depicting the actors and a nude, tattooed covered lady.

Terrence Cooper and Barbara Bouchet work overtime to save the free world. With all the negative morale during the production, Feldman was convinced he had a sure winner and proceeded to prove to the world that his film was the ultimate crowd pleaser.

He unveiled a 62' x ' sign of the classic tattooed lady and served Hebrew National hot dogs and champagne. Also in attendance was 60's pop icon Twiggy, shown viewing the trailer to Casino Royale.

Unfortunately, Feldman was unable to complete the film in time for the festival. Legend has it that the film almost did not make it to its April 13, premiere at the London Odeon Leicester Square theater.

Apparently a final cut was being prepared inside the projection room. The U. According to the report, several thousand persons were denied admission to a 4am screening of Casino Royale.

The theater manager, John P. Sullivan, decided to run the movie two hours earlier because the crowd, mainly youths, had grown to an estimated 15, Before order was restored three hours later, some 30 persons had been injured, several stores looted and cars smashed.

Fifteen persons were arrested on charges ranging from drunkenness to unlawful assembly. As policemen converged on the mob outside, the capacity crowd inside the theater also became unruly.

They were fighting in the aisles every time someone left his seat," Dubrawsky said. I never dreamed that this situation would have resulted.

To this date, debate continues whether Feldman's film actually did damage to future Bond films. There is no doubt that the 60s spy craze was fading and underground films such as Easy Rider and Billy Jack were becoming popular.

Bond films such as 's Live and Let Die were still attracting audiences, but not as good compared to Goldfinger or Thunderball a decade earlier.

For it would not be until 's Moonraker when Bond would break new U. By the late s the LP record could fetch up to several hundred dollars. The reason behind this was the way the recording studio processed the record.

By increasing the volume to near over-modulation, the sound gave most stereo sound systems a run-for-its-money. On May 25, , Charles K. Feldman died of cancer. Unfortunately it would not be a rating blockbuster the network was hoping.

The film would eventually fall into syndicated broadcast oblivion for the next two decades. To Bond fans worldwide the version was a confusing mess. However, in the Director of Film Studies at the University of Colorado, Robert von Dassanowsky, wrote a very compelling article on the artistic values of Casino Royale.

For years after , the film rights to Casino Royale hanged in limbo. One question was asked about the fate of Casino Royale and whether Eon owned the rights.

It's a very heavy story in a way. To fall in love with a woman who is a double agent and be completely misled after all Bond has been through with her is tough. Then have her commit suicide and have Bond feel good about it - that's kind of a heavy film.

Wilson shared the forum with Bond fan and future writer of the official novels, Raymond Benson. Anyway, Glidrose paid me and then they submitted the play to a British theatrical agent.

She recommended that the play not be produced. The films had Bond in a monopoly and there was no way a play could compete. I disagreed, but it was their property.

A claim that could yield McClory and Sony millions, if not billions, and the control of the cinematic rights to James Bond.

The thought of undermining the series away from the Broccoli family, who has made it successful for over 35 years, was pathetic in the minds of fans all over the world.

Faced with a negative ruling from a Los Angeles judge, Sony decided to drop the suit and settle out of court which in turn gave MGM the distribution rights of Casino Royale. Now Eon Productions had control of all the Bond theatrical titles.

Their entire library of the best loved musicals, comedies and dramas would now be controlled by the rival studio. The fate of the James Bond franchise was in question and delayed the start of Bond 21 until Fans could not have been happier except that there was no mention if Pierce Brosnan, the current actor to play OO7, would return.

Other actors such as Dougray Scott, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Clive Owen and Eric Bana were potential contenders for the role but on October 14, , the world was in for a bigger surprise than expected.

Arriving in a military speed boat, actor Daniel Craig click here for video , the sixth official actor to play OO7, made his grand entrance in front of the world press.

Craig would later reveal that he was not interested in the part but was persuaded by producer Barbara Broccoli to reconsider. After several months and a revised script by Paul Haggis, Craig was more than satisfied.

According to Premiere magazine November issue , while in Baltimore, Maryland working on his latest film with Nicole Kidman called The Invasion , Craig was picking up laundry detergent in the Whole Foods Market aisle when his cell phone rang.

On the other end, and literally on the other side of the Atlantic, was Barbara Broccoli. He obviously did not need to shake it, he already was himself.

He gave his mother a call to tell her the news and to keep it quiet until after the press conference. Unfortunately, one tabloid reporter called his mother and said, "The news has broken. What do you think about your son becoming the new OO7?

A cheap trick that anyone would have fallen for it. Unfortunately, the Royale curse continued and now had Craig in its grasp.

He looks more like a villain than a hero. On the website Absolutely James Bond one disgruntled fan said: "My god, don't the producers have any brains? Craig is not Bond material.

Bond must be tall, dark and handsome. Or at least two of the three, and he isn't even one! Perhaps the biggest news was not Daniel Craig but the website danielcraigisnotbond.

A site endorsed by approximately 50 disappointed fans who feel that Pierce Brosnan is the only actor who can play Bond.

This immediately attracted the attention of the press and before the cameras began rolling, Craig was the most unwelcome Bond actor since the early days of George Lazenby.

Negative rumors continued to flood the Internet on a day-to-day basis. Anything from Daniel Craig being unable to drive a car with a clutch, to having his front teeth knocked out during a staged fight scene.

Both stories are untrue. Craig, being raised in England, obviously can drive a clutch and the teeth incident was merely a capped tooth that had come unglued.

The headlines obviously disturbed Craig, but the results were more positive. He approached the role more serious and more determine than any other role he had played.

He worked closely with the script and suggested that a scene with a suicide bomber be dropped because the people who do that for real are divided on religious and political grounds.

Daniel Craig becomes the sixth actor to play OO7. As the months rolled on however, photos and news clips would leak onto the Internet showing a very buff and muscular Daniel Craig, who would spend three hours a night working out in the gym.

By late-summer the majority of fans and non-fans were beginning to warm up to Daniel Craig as OO7 as the official trailer made its way onto the Internet.

The trailer began in gritty black and white as a young Bond earns his OO agent status. The rest of the trailer is in color and sets up the story in modern times as Le Chiffre is the big investment banker for the world's terrorists.

Bond, with the aid of Vesper, must defeat Le Chiffre in a winner-take-all poker game at Casino Royale. By the end of the trailer, the majority of Bond fans world-wide were completely satisfied.

Still some fans however have voiced their concerns about the grittiness of the film and whether it will be too much compared to the rest of the series.

Mads Mikkelson said to Premiere magazine, "We're talking grittiness compared to the other Bond films. That's what we're talking, of course we're not talking gritty gritty. That would be a no-go.

The task is to bring this magical universe — it's still a fairy tale, he's still Superman, I'm still the baddie — into That's the kind of grittiness we're talking about.

Unfortunately when one gambles long enough lady luck is sure to turn, on July 30, , Pinewood Studios largest stage, The Albert R.

Broccoli OO7 Stage, burned to the ground click here for video. Inside the stage was the remains of a Venetian set. Fortunately the crew had finished filming and production staff were in the process of dismantling the set.

This is the second time this stage burned down. The first time was in during production of Legend. Fortunately, no one was hurt in either accident. The song was met with mediocre results since it lacked a Bondian tune.

However, by mid-October a newer version showed up at Cornell's website with full orchestration. The results were better than the initial release and set the tone for the November 17th premiere.

Co-Producer Barbara Broccoli sums up the main reason why Eon finally filmed Casino Royale , "It was always an ambition of theirs Cubby and Harry Saltzman to be able to make this story but, sadly, they were never able to.

So, when it finally became available to us, we leapt at the chance. I like to think that I'm doing this for my Dad. However, this film is more about how James Bond became the agent we all know and love than simply about his relationship with Bond-girl Vesper Lynd.

On the other hand, the Feldman version is the opposite. It depicts an aging Sir James Bond, forced out of retirement to fight his greatest nemesis - his nephew.

Only to be blown up with the rest of the world in the final moments of the climatic battle. This will no doubt reverberate from the silver screen at the end of Casino Royale when the words 'James Bond Will Return'.

Open Daily All Rights Reserved. Writers: Charles Bennett adaptation Anthony Ellis adaptation more. TV Series: "Climax! Genre: Drama more. Plot Synopsis: This plot synopsis is empty.

Add a synopsis. User Comments: Jim Bond, old-time American-style more. Barry Nelson Valerie Mathis Jean Del Val Zoltan Peter Lorre Host Michael Pate Clarence Leiter Gene Roth Basil more.

Parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents. Country: USA. Language: English. Color: Black and White. Sound Mix: Mono. Company: CBS Television more.

Trivia: The only James Bond movie which is scoreless and without a soundtrack. Goofs: Revealing mistakes: A prop gun went off accidentally right at the beginning of the show.

Four shots are heard but only three gunshot markings are seen on the casino building. Quotes: James Bond : [ James Bond in bathtub.

Zuroff is tying rope on him. Look Mr Bond, as you should know by now I I'm quite without mercy and if you continue to be that obstinate, I I'll have to torture - - - you'll be tortured to the edge of madness.

Believe me. You have no hope whatsoever. You hear. Let's enter a dim, bygone alternate universe where James Bond was an American agent, strolling through a low-budget TV production adaptation of the Ian Fleming novel.

In footage nearly lost, reflected in the muddy black-and-white presentation, we witness an historic first - the first TV or film incarnation of James Bond.

Yep, we've definitely entered a Twilight Zone-type warped version of the Bond mythology. It's typical, however, of the limitations of the live television format from the fifties: two or three different small sets rooms are used for the entire show; the action is slow, driven mainly by dialog, and it has the feel of a stage play, in three acts.

What brief fight scenes there are, towards the end, are somewhat crude and awkward, not surprising since it is a live broadcast.

The script follows Fleming's premise: Bond's mission is basically to outplay the main villain at cards baccarat, in this case and take his money; this remained the major plot point of the new film version in Filmmakers always seem to despair when given the task of making a card game exciting on film, but the potential is there - "The Cincinnati Kid" 65 is a good example and the version of "Casino Royale" also did a good job.

Here, though a static game of cards seemed suitable for a TV episode, the solution was to make the scenes as short as possible. Bond Nelson gains the upper hand over Le Chiffre Lorre after only a couple of hands in the 2nd act and it's all over.

The more intense scenes, in this version's favor, come about in the 3rd and final act, when Le Chiffre employs a tool of torture below the bottom of the picture, off-screen on a couple of Bond's toes; I guess he breaks them - actor Nelson gasps in pain convincingly.

This retained the essential streak of sadism in Fleming's Bond stories and the subsequent films , a surprising inclusion considering the bland TV standards of the fifties.

Nelson was bland, as well, but adequate. Lorre was Lorre, one of those character actors known for stealing scenes, with an unforgettable voice.

He was well cast as the first Bond villain, albeit a TV show version. This was, to its credit, a serious, no-nonsense approach, if quite a bit on the stiff side.

This was the Bond title that the producers of the regular series of Bond films begun in were unable to use until the end of the century. The next film version of "Casino Royale" was in , a completely different approach as a satirical silly romp.

But James Bond would return on the big screen in "Dr. No" He was the first actor to play James Bond on screen in a adaptation of Ian Fleming 's novel Casino Royale on the television anthology series Climax!

No by eight years. Nelson played James Bond as an American agent whom some in the program call "Jimmy". In , Nelson said, "At that time, no one had ever heard of James Bond I was scratching my head wondering how to play it.

I hadn't read the book or anything like that because it wasn't well-known. The program also featured Peter Lorre as Le Chiffre , the primary villain. Nelson later noted the opportunity to work with Lorre was the reason he took the role.

It was released to home video and is currently available on DVD as a bonus feature with the film adaptation of the novel.

Nelson played the lead in a episode television series Hudson's Bay , which featured George Tobias as his sidekick. Kildare , and later years played a hobo on an episode of The Ropers.

He appeared regularly on television in the s, having been one of the What's My Line? Nelson appeared in both the stage and screen versions of Mary, Mary. Among his other film credits were Airport and The Shining as the hotel manager who interviews Jack Nicholson for a job opening , and he also appeared on television series such as Murder, She Wrote , Dallas , Cannon and Magnum, P.

Nelson was married twice -- first to actress Teresa Celli , from whom he was divorced in according to his New York Times obituary [13] , and later to Nansilee "Nansi" Hoy, to whom he was married until his death.

Nelson and his second wife divided their time between homes in New York and France. Barry Nelson died on April 7, , while traveling in Bucks County, Pennsylvania , nine days before his 90th birthday.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For persons of the same name, see Barry Nelson rugby league and Barry Nelson basketball. Robert Haakon Nielsen [1]. San Francisco, California , U. Bucks County, Pennsylvania , U.

Teresa Celli m. Nansilee Hoy m. The Washington Post. Associated Press. Retrieved The News Tribune.

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Contact: museum telia. Barry Nelson, plag MGM contract player during the s who later first man to play james bond a prolific theater career and was the first actor to play James Bond on screen, has died.

He was Nelson died on First man to play james bond 7th http://forumz.us/he-got-game-college-scene.html traveling in Bucks Jamees, Pa.

The cause of death fjrst not immediately known, she said. Nelson is survived by his wife. He did not have any children. Contrary to popular belief, the first man to play james bond of being the first actor to play James Bond first man to play james bond not on Sean Connery, but nba rising game stream American Barry Nelson, who starred in a live one-hour production of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale.

The performance on 21st October 8. Originally broadcast live, the production first man to play james bond believed lost to time until a kinescope emerged in the s.

It was subsequently http://forumz.us/putt-putt-old-computer-game.html to home video, and is please click for source available on Click here as a bonus feature first man to play james bond fifst film adaptation of the novel.

During production Nelson was unaware of the fact that the character of Bond was an Englishman. I was scratching my head wondering how to play it. The worst part game technology reno nv it was that I learned it was to be done live.

I thought I was finished with live t. I was trying to get out of first man to play james bond, actually". Fleming's novel http://forumz.us/one-piece-pc-game-list.html only just first man to play james bond published in America six first man to play james bond before the TV production it was first published on 13th April in the UK jqmes, and the screenplay read article developed late on.

Whilst he enjoyed acting opposite Peter Lorre Firs Chiffre and Linda Christian Vesper Lyndhe kames frustrated by fidst fact that time constraints had eliminated any background information about the character of Jmes.

It was too firsf. Since then first man to play james bond rights have gone via Charles Feldman's spoof of to Eon Productions, who first man to play james bond them up in early and later produced the first 'official' movie based on the story with Daniel Craig as in He began acting in school at age of fifteen, playing an 80 click the following article old man.

He graduated from first man to play james bond University of California, Berkeley in and, because of his theatrical efforts in school, was almost immediately signed to a motion picture fo by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios.

No by eight years. He appeared regularly on TV in bomd s. First man to play james bond was one of the What's My Line? Mystery Guests and later served as a guest panelist on that popular CBS quiz show.

Nelson appeared in both the stage and screen versions of Mary, Mary. His final appearance on Broadway was as Julian Согласен android sdk for windows 7 64 bit download может in 42nd Street Nelson has had two wives, actress Teresa Celli married February 19, divorced and Nansilee Hoy married First man to play james bond 12, fisrt Nelson and his second wife divided their time between first man to play james bond in New York and France.

He had planned to write lpay couple of first man to play james bond about first man to play james bond time on stage and in Hollywood.

First man to play james bond Rankin Dr. Kildare's Victory MGM jamee Samuel Z. Fat, first soldier Bataan MGM Jimmy Bond Airport Universal Anson Harris Pete check this out Tillie Universal Burt First man to play james bond Shining Warner Bros.

Stuart Ullma. Den 21 oktoberkl Man hade tagit sig vissa friheter med Flemings originaltext. The episode became a forgotten piece of the Bond saga until years later, when a man named Jim Schoenberger bought a 16mm kinescope the process of filming a television monitor to preserve a live show for posterity of the program — reportedly at a flea market sometime in the s.

Bond book author Steve Rubin understands it slightly differently. We shot the intro in my basement. The current issue of Cinema Retro features an interview with the actor.

Just why did it take this long for the producers of the long running James Bond series to make Ian Fleming's first novel Casino Royale into a theatrical film?

Perhaps secretly the novel was one of those mythical Hollywood curses one usually reads in tabloid magazines at grocery store checkouts.

According to dictionary. For over 50 years the first James Bond novel has never been properly adapted for the silver screen. The reason is simple, Eon Productions the official company of the James Bond series never owned the complete film rights to the novel.

The story of how they finally won the rights is a fascinating and perhaps an excellent example of how both past and present day Hollywood works. The book is relatively short and basically takes place in the casino at Royale-Les-Eaux where Bond must defeat Communist paymaster Le Chiffre in a game of baccarat.

After wiping out Le Chiffre, Bond enjoys a short moment of victory while he hides the casino cheque in the door plate to his hotel room.

Only to have his world smashed as he is captured by Le Chiffre and tortured naked with a carpet beater below his exposed cullions. Without spoiling further details of the story for those who have never read it, Bond survives only to discover a shocking revelation in the last few pages.

Casino Royale has been published in both hardback and softcover formats. It has also been presented as a comic strip. On July 7,the Daily Express newspaper began what became a long association with OO7 by serializing the Bond stories for the daily comics.

Beginning with Casino Royale the artwork would be drawn by John McLusky, who would contribute twelve more comic strips featuring the British agent. In an August article for SHOW magazine, Fleming clearly stated that he writes, unashamedly, for pleasure and money.

They are basically written for warm-blooded heterosexuals in railway trains, airplanes, and beds. That comment should send the typical Bond fanatic over-the-edge. But truth be said, Fleming was looking for his golden goose.

Frustrated with the Hollywood system and how receptive they were to his novels, Fleming would eventually come to killing off his creation in the last sentence of his fifth novel, From Russia with Loveonly to bring him back to life in Doctor No the following year.

Chandler advised him to reconsider killing off his anti-hero and would one year later write an endorsement in the New York Times saying "Ian Fleming's impetuous imagination has no rules.

With all the adulation pouring in from admirers, the movie deals were just not happening. The only moving image of his ruthless British spy would come one year after Royale 's publication.

Only Bond was no longer British, but American. A definite highlight from the novel. Top Photo - Bond faces danger with Le Chiffre's henchman who has a concealed gun inside his walking cane.

Bottom Photo - Valerie Mathis enjoys an intimate moment with Bond. Just before airtime, the producers realized the sixty-minute production was over by three minutes. No charm or character or anything.

Peter Lorre agreed and saw Nelson so nervous with all the changes to the script that he commented, "Straighten up, Barry, so I can kill you! For decades afterwards, Bond fans had wondered why Barry Nelson click here for video clip was chosen for the role.

However, his main reason for accepting the part was simply to work with Peter Lorre. Nelson was a great admirer of Lorre's work and felt he might never get another opportunity to work with him again.

The live performance was considered lost on the pretense that it was not filmed on a 16mm kinescope telecine. However, in a Chicago airline executive named Jim Schoenberger discovered, while sifting through old film canisters of presumably the version of Casino Royalethe black and white film strip.

Quickly he ran the film through a projector and found a pristine copy of the production. The film had its first public performance at the James Bond Weekend in July Barry Nelson was also in attendance.

According to the story by screenwriter Lorenzo Semple, Jr. It was a big rip-off. Gregory stole 10, pounds in cash, and needed a way to get it out of Egypt. Ratoff borrowed money from then- head of 20 th Century Fox, Darryl Zanuck and long time friend and producer Charles K.

During the next five years, Ratoff tried to bring James Bond to the silver screen - unsuccessfully. I worked without pay, but it was a great deal of fun. We traveled around the world while he gambled in casinos, supposedly doing research.

He was too old-fashioned to work, so I would sit at the typewriter for four or five hours a day in whatever hotel we were staying in, and just turn out pages and pages of scenes.

I probably wrote several scripts during a year of traveling throughout Europe. Gregory thought the story was too silly. Then, we make great movie. On December 14,Gregory Ratoff died from leukemia and his widow was left holding the proverbial empty bank account.

She was forced to sell any film properties her late husband owned to get out of debt. Feldman was one of the creditors to the Ratoff estate.

The former lawyer turned talent scout and producer was handed the film rights to Casino Royale. Handsome, tanned and sophisticated, He was the full definition of success. His company, Famous Artists, specialized in bringing new and aspiring talent to the studio system.

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Contact: museum telia. Barry Nelson, an MGM contract player during the s who later had a prolific theater career and was the first actor to play James Bond on screen, has died. He was Nelson died on April 7th while traveling in Bucks County, Pa. The cause of death was not immediately known, she said.

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He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in and, because of his theatrical efforts in school, was almost immediately signed to a motion picture contract by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. He played Bart Adams, a wealthy young American whose business activities involved him in a series of adventures. He was the first actor to play James Bond on screen in a adaptation of Ian Fleming 's novel Casino Royale on the television anthology series Climax!

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