Basically, this means that you have a wide range of sounds to choose from. Better yet, when you have a wide range of sounds — you can play a wide range of styles.

Take what you want from online reviews…. For a cheaper but still pretty good option , buy a Fender Squier. The only reason the Yamaha Pacifica would have low action is if the string height was set low.

Some beginning guitar player could buy a Yamaha Pacifica that has high action. All guitars can have low action if they are set-up to have low action. Some good info here regardless.

Trust us, if looked after this will be a guitar for life. By design it's an altogether more modern, brighter and lighter take on a hot-rod Strat. But when we say brighter that doesn't mean overly shrill.

In fact the bridge humbucker will surprise some, it's beefy without being too mid-range heavy and although the coil-split proves a little bland played clean, with a distortion boost it's a pretty useful gnarly and wiry rhythm voice.

It's good to have the choice too when mixed with the middle pickup - switching between the full and split coil here is subtle but, especially with cleaner 'class A' amp voicings, there's enough character difference to be useable.

The solo single-coils impress - plenty of percussion and with a little mid-range beef added from the amp these get you to the correct Texas toneland.

Neck and middle combined produces a fine modern Strat-like mix - the added brightness will cut through a multi-FX patch nicely. Read the full review: Yamaha Pacifica V review. Introduced in and discontinued in , the Ibanez RG remains the childhood sweetheart of many players.

For this reboot, Ibanez has skilfully managed to extract the very essence of what was so popular about the original RG and piece it back together in a way that enhances its legacy.

The Japanese-made vintage is, essentially, a masterclass in everything that is good about shred and metal guitars. The neck feels lithe - your hand glides, rather than simply moving - while the Edge vibrato is rock-solid and the overall craftsmanship is exemplary.

Tonally, the RG covers a lot of bases. It always did, despite its pointy appearance, meaning you could comfortably stray into all kinds of genres without too much fuss. It is, in the best way possible, everything you remembered from the original, and that makes it one of the best shred guitars available today.

Read the full review: Ibanez RG review. Price aside, a quick strum lets you know this is a Manson through and through: it rings like a bell, the sort of acoustic response you'd expect from a quality guitar, but not always at this price.

In style, the MBC-1 is a pretty accurate repro of the instruments used by Matt. That big upper shoulder won't be to everyone's taste, but in playing position, it's not only lightweight 3.

And the bolt-on maple neck feels superb, too, with a deep C profile and sloping shoulders that tell your hand it's thinner in depth than it actually is. Unusual at this price, too, is the compound radius fingerboard, which flattens out as you move up the neck; with tidy jumbo - but not over-tall - frets, it's a fast, fluid player, as well, which makes it one of the best electric guitars for hard-rock players.

Pickup-wise, we have a fairly hot Alnico-powered humbucker at the bridge and a single coil at the neck. Along with a master volume, tone and three-way pickup selector, the upper shoulder also holds a kill button for stutter effects.

Squier has now seen fit to introduce Fender's revered '72 Thinline to its own range, and it looks the business, with white pearloid scratchplate, finely carved f-hole and Fender- embossed humbuckers.

While you'll find the gloss-finished modern C neck across much of Squier's Vintage Modified range, you're unlikely to find tones quite like the Thinline's anywhere else, certainly at this price.

Cleans from the neck and middle positions are punchy and persuasive, not dissimilar to fat Pish single coils, but flicking over to the bridge humbucker yields a burly, resonant voice that screams for big open chords and an overdriven valve amp.

That's why it's one of the best electric guitars for Indie and alt-rock players. By design, the AZ series is all about function: a tool to do a job. For the player wanting to cover virtually everything from jazz to shred, well, Ibanez has pretty much done it.

This is a seriously versatile, good-sounding, tidily made instrument that puts Ibanez squarely back into the mainstream. Read the full review: Ibanez Prestige AZ Rarely have we come across a redesign of a classic instrument that is so thorough… yet still adheres so closely to the original!

Neck shape, body contouring, hardware, pickups and electronics have all been under the microscope of Marr and his design cohorts in redesigning this short-scale offset classic.

The new bridge design swaps the threaded rod saddles of the Jaguar for the bigger, solid, non-height adjustable Mustang saddles that sit flush on the bridge tray.

The saddles just have a centre-placed string groove but this increased width means there's very little gap between the low E and the outer edge of the fingerboard the further up the neck you go.

This Jag has just one circuit: standard volume and tone controls and a four-position lever switch mounted on the smaller of the three chromed plates. In position one, it offers just the bridge pickup; position two, bridge and neck pickups in parallel ; position three, neck pickup; and lastly position four, neck and bridge pickups in series.

We still have the slide-switch style of the original Jaguar to engage not one, but two, of the original's high-pass filters.

The top switch is the master filter up engages the cut ; the lower switch, mounted at a right angle, only works on position four where forward is on ie, it introduces the cut.

Both these switches stick up less than the standard slide switches too, and are slightly more comfortable: typical of the thought and detail that has gone into this guitar.

There's Fender-aplenty in the sounds but, as Marr says, Gretsch and Rickenbacker spring to mind, especially with a little tone roll-off. Above all though, the clarity, and the musical sweetness of the tones allow for complex chord voicings for jazzier rhythms or simpler soul and funk styles.

The Johnny Marr Jaguar is a thorough redesign from the perspective of a very busy working guitarist. Aside from the low E being rather too close to the fingerboard edge in higher positions, it's faultlessly built for purpose, addresses five decades of 'Jaguar-ness' and puts a decidedly leftfield design squarely back in the mainstream.

Read the full review: Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar. Firmly intended to compete with Gibson's ES, the Starfire IV, V and VI retain plenty of Guild style, not least the more spacious cutaways and the wooden foot tune-o-matic-style bridge.

Placed side-by-side with an equally new Bigsby-equipped Gibson ES, the Starfire V somehow looks more 'retro', more 60s. The body here is made from mahogany laminates with a distinct striped figure under the Cherry Red finish, which was introduced with the first Starfire.

Then, as now, it all creates a different aesthetic to the Gibson ES A major difference is the control set-up, which here augments the Gibson layout with a smaller knobbed master volume control on the treble horn, just behind the three-way toggle pickup selector.

The pickups here replicate the earlys introduced 'Anti Hum Pickups' and are period correct, along with the black plastic, chrome-tipped control knobs.

It's a fairly weighty guitar for a semi, thanks to the full-length maple centre-block, and has a classic strapped-on feel. It is, of course, thinline depth and feels every bit an ES It has a 'clean' sound, with low-end definition, slightly bright on the treble pickup with decent sustain and, importantly, a very respectable feedback threshold.

It likes volume, and while similarly evocative of virtually all those classic styles, it's the stage version and effortlessly takes you on to early The Who, The Jam or Britpop voices, while seemingly equally at home with rootsy, strummier Americana.

Read the full review: Guild Starfire V. The ECET is an all-mahogany single-cut loaded with an set of EMG 81 and 60 active humbuckers, a comfortably modern neck and a high level of construction quality.

Instead, once set and tuned, it simply aims to stay there, thanks to a series of tension-calibrated springs and levers. We tried everything we could to knock it out of whack: huge, three-step bends, wildly exaggerated string stretching It came back perfectly in tune every single time.

What's more, a guitar that's perfectly tuned and intonated up and down the neck seems to play much more musically. We're not aware of any tone compromises, either.

The EC sounds as full and aggressive as ever, with the more mellow tones of the neck EMG being pleasantly rounded, and all bereft of any metallic spring clank. If never going out of tune is important to you, this is one of the best electric guitars going.

The big changes lie in the all-new pickups that come fitted to all models in the range, in this case Yosemite single coils and the associated electronics.

Pulling up on the bridge tone control allows you to engage the neck pickup along with the bridge and middle pickups for two additional tones, while a reverse-wound, reverse-polarity middle pickup allows for hum cancellation in positions two and four.

Read the full review: Fender American Performer Stratocaster. James Valentine of Maroon 5 has a strong idea of what he wants in a guitar and so, along with the craftsmen at Music Man, has created his dream machine.

Valentine's desire was for a guitar that blends innovation and a modern vibe, with a reassuringly classic appeal - a bit Gibson semi, a bit Fender Tele perhaps.

So, with that in mind, an ash body - in this instance finished in what Valentine calls 'Trans Buttermilk' 'Trans Maroon' is, of course, available, too - has been mated to a nutty-looking roasted maple neck.

This is delightfully figured and comes with Music Man's proprietary wax and oil finish for a tactile but drag-free experience.

Build and finish are, as always, dead on. Pickups and controls are interesting: while both pickups are standard humbucking size, the bridge unit is actually single coil, its pole pieces slanted like a Tele or Strat across the chrome cover.

Controls are simple, but with a couple of neat twists in the form of push-push pots on both controls - an active boost of up to 20dB on the volume, and a coil-split for the neck humbucker on the tone.

We like the 'hidden' nature of these sonic extras, because it adds genuine usability but keeps things uncluttered and intuitive.

The Valentine looks familiar but just different enough, feels great sitting or standing, boasts a real player's neck, and its palette of tones - delivered in a fuss-free manner by a clever control and switching setup - is simply superb.

Of the hundreds of models that have sought to blend humbucking and single coil tones, this has to be one of the best electric guitars. A thermally engineered centre block and bracing make this acoustically louder, open and with more clarity.

We also get a lightweight aluminium stop tailpiece with locking studs, but this is all-very-classic ES fare, such as the small block inlays and the small fleur head logo.

Again, Gibson's build specs tell us we have MHS 'buckers and here the 'Memphis Tone Circuit' includes matched pots with a tight five per cent tolerance, with the same 'orange drop' tone caps as the ES Plugged in, it's like all our Christmases have come at once.

There's a more solidbody response here, as you'd expect, and it really pushes out the sound. It's expensive, but as an investment, this is one of the best electric guitars on the market. The McCarty Model - named after Theodore 'Ted' McCarty, Gibson's president during its s to s heyday and, much later, 'mentor' to Paul Reed Smith - originally appeared in the early s and was the company's first attempt at a more vintage-informed guitar.

It takes its name, primarily, from its scale length of However, the focus of the is not just that scale length but a desire to recreate, as closely as possible, the 'holy grail' of vintage Gibson tone - a Sunburst, but in a modern double-cut guitar.

The four-control layout the first PRS double-cut guitar to use it possesses the classic LP setup and feels immediately comfortable to any player used to the much-copied Gibson layout.

Full humbucking, or with the partial coil splits engaged, full volume, half volume, tones rolled off - not to mention the shades with both pickups on - there's not a duff sound that we can find.

Dynamic, expressive - it purrs, it roars, it's one of the best electric guitars. Play a classic or Duo Jet and it can seem a bit, well, old-fashioned.

easiest electric guitar to play

easiest electric guitar to play


This post may affiliate links.

Easiest electric guitar to play read my easiest electric guitar to play for more info. One of the ways to help address finger pain, this web page to address the action on the neck of your guitar.

Having a thin neck means that that you have easiest electric guitar to play room to maneuver your fingers.

This means click a lot of those stretches that can be tough on thicker necks are more here accomplished.

That should be the biggest selling point of all. I used to recommend Fender Stratocasters for easy-to-play beginner guitars. The Pacifica comes with a humbucker pickup installed in the bridge, and two additional single coil pickups.

Basically, this means that you have a wide range of sounds to choose from. Better yet, when you have a wide range of sounds — you can play a wide range of styles.

Take what you want from online reviews…. For a cheaper but still pretty good optionbuy a Fender Squier. The only reason the Yamaha Pacifica would have low action is if the string height was set low.

Some beginning guitar player could buy a Yamaha Pacifica that has high action. All guitars can have low action if they are set-up to have low action. Some good info here regardless.

width="189" height="255" alt="easiest electric guitar to play">

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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more info. One of the ways to help address finger pain, is to address the action on the neck of your guitar. Having a thin neck means that that you have more room to maneuver your fingers. This means that a lot of those stretches that can be tough on thicker necks are more easily accomplished.

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Finding the best electric guitar for you is a very personal choice - there are countless shapes and sizes to choose from, all of which suit different musical genres and goals. The 10 best guitars for beginners. Here, we've recommended a host of instruments across several key price points, which cover all the bases. Ahead, you'll find a selection of the most highly rated instruments from our rigorous reviews, ensuring that whichever one you pick, it will provide years of faithful service and great tone. From the best Fender guitar to the greatest semi-hollow, shred and metal models, no matter what kind of music you play we've got you covered: these electric guitars are sure to hit the mark. This latest mid-priced take on Fender's pride and joy features an updated two-point vibrato design, plus three new Alnico V single coils.

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