Prepared a GO as well because you enver get shoes here. I could have jumped on Tiny's platform after the third hit and danced in the air but the platform was far away and I could never judge well, what height it is on when I don't see it next to me.

I've lost runs to that and decided against the swag strats although they do look sexier. Also note the Kreygasmic Yolo jump before the death route.

Hedgehogs kicked my ass in this one but I found a way out of the trouble they out me in. L19 Ruination: I died in order to reset the cycles since they always be the same and it's a very convenient setup.

L16 Hangin' Out: This is the one invincibility in the game that is worth getting. Both take around the same time, I chose the latter because it simply looks more entertaining.

Gin: Double Arms ez pz. Thoguht I'd get screwed for Double Shoulders but I still made it. L23 Night Fight: GO. L22 Rock It: Ordinary. L24 Pack Attack: Wasted a tad bit of time, maybe a few seconds.

L25 Spaced Out: Sexy. Crash My cockroachlicker : Batplug: The Swaggiest. ZtarZtorm: For actually putting thoughts into this category and trying to compete.

MrBeanvr: For his backup Crash 2 disc. In order to contact me, visit these places: www. Single-segment with large-skip glitches: by Matthew.

Another movement technique is ZigZagging, it's used to speed you up and add cover more distance with jumps. This can be see in the 2D section of Snow Go.

I use a glitch where I obtain a "bounce counter" of , which allows me to collect crystals when I kill enemies the seals, in this case. I kill 26 seals to get 25 crystals, I don't really know why I must kill 26 but if I kill 25 I only get 24 crystals, it doesn't waste time anyways.

NSS over several pits and a bonus round, use zigzagging in 2D section to gain a few frames gotta save 'em. As stated earlier, I kill 26 seals for 25 crystals, all I need to advance to the final boss.

To get a crystal per seal you must spin between jumping and landing on the first seal of a wave. So there's a glitch here where if you skip the cutscene immediately you just get hit by nothing and die, so I wait a sec then skip it.

The spinning guy Komodo Moe can spin for a very long time sometimes but luckily he didn't and this fight went as well as it could have R. P Aku Aku. Airdancing cause I can. Gin This boss is harder on NTSC because he moves a bit faster, making it harder to get the double hits.

You can get the final hit on the first attack but it's not very consistent. Overall this run could maybe be improved to or something I'm not too sure, but I'm pretty much done with this category.

This is a great time and the fact it took little time to get makes it all the greater. Movement: To start off with i don't just normally walk, i do something called a Neutral Slide Spin NSS , this is the fastest way to move, and it is performed by sliding, letting go of the directional button mid-slide then spinning.

I have to do this repeatedly to keep moving and to keep my movement speed high. The first 3D section was very solid, using the ice to my advantage by sliding on it to moving faster of course.

The 2D section was also really good, you may see me zigzagging in mid air, that is to move a couple of frames faster in mid air. The last 3D section was a bit sloppy, i lost a second by stumbling over the box wall before the crystal.

Ripper Roo: There really is not much to this boss seeing as he is time based, and what you mostly see me do is mess around to try to kill time. All you have to do is stand at certain spots when he lays down the TNTs and Nitros.

Komodo Brothers: These guys have 2 glitches. You notice how i don't skip the cutscene very fast, if you skip it too fast you will lose one mask after another and die.

You will basicly get hit by nothing. The second glitch is if you stay too close to Komodo Joe The spinning one , he will spin for even longer. He can spin for over 40 seconds. The first hit was basic as always, stand still and NSS up-right to hit him.

The second hit might be a bit sloppy but i want to make sure that i don't trigger the spinning glitch. The final hit was very good, getting it close to instantly. And of course dance on his belly to show off.

Tiny Tiger: I hate this guy, only reason why is because he is luck based. Overall a very lucky and good fight.

Gin: This guy is pretty basic. On the arm section, each arm is 10 hits. Hit it as many times as you can but just not When he fires the lazer you hit him the 10th time on each arm, giving you double arms.

Same deal on shoulders. Second missile wave second cycle is the best possible cycle you can get double shoulders on. You hit each shoulder as many times as you can but just not 5. Wait until the missile wave arrives and shoot the shoulders on the 5th hit.

Neo Cortex: Easiest final boss ever. You have to spin him 3 times. Flying up and down gives you a bit of speed, and the speed resets when you hit him. Other than that dodge asteroids and mines.

Hello all! After 2 - 3 years of hard work learning tricks and over 2, failed attempts, here we are. The bounce glitch is not used, as it is broken, boring, and banned in this category.

The game was played on a PS2 slim with fast disc speed enabled, and this is the European version of the game. The European version is faster by default but the advantages offered are not ridiculously significant.

People would like to claim that they are, but they are liars! First and foremost, allow me to present some useful things. Slide-Spin - In this game, sliding is faster than running by a magnitude of roughly 1.

However, the animation for a slide ending is costly, meaning that sliding everywhere barely saves time.

In order to prevent the animation, you can spin, which slows you down slightly but skips the animation, faster overall.

I often refer to this trick as full speed slide spin. Slide-Spin is cool and all, but slowing down during the spin is annoying, and the runners demanded that this game should be faster.

If you release the d-pad or analog stick before initiating the spin part of a slide-spin, the spin speed grabs the sliding speed instead of slowing down to normal running speed like it otherwise would.

This means that the entire game can be played at sliding speed with no slowdown. This forms the primary movement method of the game. Ice Momentum - If you want the fastest speed the game has to offer, slide-spin on ice.

As long as you initiate your slide on ice, the game will act like you are on ice until the slide-spin is complete, meaning that you get to take a lot of nice momentum with you even on the land.

Glitched High Jump - When performing a slide jump, if you spin shortly after jumping, you gain a bit of additional height and distance, by proxy. This height can be used to make otherwise impossible jumps.

It also comes with the neat quirk of allowing Crash to belly flop out of a sliding jump, which he is otherwise unable to do. When entering the belly flop animation, Crash reaches the highest point he possibly can out of a jump.

Glitched Low Jump - There's not really such a thing as a glitched low jump, but I refer to it as this since the inputs are so very similar to the high jump and this move often happens at critical times by accident.

If you press buttons in the wrong order Slide, spin, jump , you get a very low jump as if you have not performed a slide at all. As a movement technique, this is actually really helpful if you mean to do it, as it means less airtime from a slide jump.

And since I want to stay on the floor as often as I can to get increased movement speed, I use it a lot during general navigation.

Zig-Zagging Wiggle - The Crash community likes to refer to this technique as "zig-zagging", probably to make this trick sound cooler than it actually is.

Since I'm realistic, I call it wiggle. When in a jump, the fastest movement you can do is to alternate the direction buttons on the d-pad so that Crash moves in a pile of diagonals up left, up right, up left, up right, etc and yet still achieve a straight line overall.

Crash effectively wiggles through the air and goes slightly faster. This is a useful trick to get additional lateral distance from a jump, but is murder on the thumbs.

Slides are faster if you wiggle in diagonals during them as well, and they also cover more distance like that. However, slides don't usually last long enough for that to be a feasible movement technique when combined with NSS, especially since we must let go before spinning to preserve momentum.

But where spins aren't necessary, or a slide will last longer, this trick is used to save those precious frames. My poor thumb Walking While Talking - The game provides us with a nice way of skipping all cutscenes where Cortex's demented head pops up for a chat.

However, we have to wait briefly for Crash to do an animation before we can skip the cutscene. So, we found a way to do it faster, because why not.

If you jump and spin on the frame that this animation is supposed to happen, it does not. Crash can then walk around freely, even while Cortex talks to him if he wishes.

However since no portals are loaded while Cortex talks, the cutscene is then dismissed immediately the normal way. Saves about a second for every use. Anti-Invincibility - Masks are great. They allow you to take hits, and if you get three of them, you become invincible!

That allows you to plough through enemies without a care in the world! The downside? NSS then becomes the slowest form of movement and running is not much faster than normal. Because of that, I avoid going into 3rd mask form at all costs.

There is one instance in the run where being invincible helps, and the rest of the time, it is slower! My level order is largely based around avoiding getting too many masks while still having plenty for survival purposes and mistake correction.

Deathwarping - When you die, the only thing that you lose are crates, one life, and some of your precious time as you have to redo part of a level. But critically you do not lose the level's main collectables, specifically the crystals and gems.

So if a gem is down a very obscure path, it is often much faster to go back to the nearest checkpoint to resume the main level via death.

Since lives are no issue in this game, this trick is abused constantly to avoid having to revisit levels to get obscure collectables.

In some areas of the game, Crash goes into a 2D-esque environment. In reality, it's still 3D, and Crash can jump towards the screen.

Due to the rather nice tight jump control that the game has, you can succesfully jump out of the 2D area, and spin around and re-enter it without dying. This is used in some 2D areas to jump around otherwise impassable objects to save time.

Spin-Slide - Another name I have invented for an obscure trick that has a few uses. If you can time it correctly, if you land on a crate just as a spin animation ends and then immediately call for a slide, Crash will be able to slide off the top of the crate he is landing on.

It will break beneath him fairly rapidly, but there is enough time to jump out of the animation. This is used for breaking ten-fruit bouncy crates that are suspended in mid-air, to save painstakingly breaking them by bouncing on them 10 times.

If you use spin-slide when coming out of an ice skating jump, if you hit the box at the right place, the box will count as more ice even if it is on normal land , meaning your slide will be even faster.

Box Duplication - Also referred to as "box dupe", or "extra boxes", it is a trick discovered by me that allows you to clone crates on levels where circumstances permit.

To achieve it, you must enter a bonus round, leave it, and kill yourself including all required death animation before the counter that is putting crates towards your score hits zero.

You will respawn at the last checkpoint you hit, but your box counter will still be set as if you had broken all boxes outside of the bonus as well as inside, and all of the crates that you broke beyond the checkpoint will be back, allowing you to break them again to add to your box score.

It seems like a trick that would be so useful, but there are very few circumstances where it is possible, and out of the possible ones, only two save time. So it is used twice in the run to cut significant portions from two levels.

Polar Launching - As expected, this refers to a polar bear-specific trick. To gain some additional speed from the polar bear, you can do charge-assisted jumps.

However, you get nice short and very fast jumps if you charge and jump almost simultaneously. You can do this almost completely throughout the levels that contain polar bears, provided there are no boxes nearby that need breaking or enemies to avoid.

By jumping out of charges, the counter that limits how many times you can charge is reset, meaning you can bunny hop through the levels at reasonable speed.

The way the polar bear lunges through the air when performing this is where the trick got its name. Outrunning Explosions - TNTs are a cool kind of crate.

You can do so many things with them as they take their time blowing up. And not just in a timer sense, but in a hitbox sense. When a TNT blows up, its hitbox expands outwards from the centre over time.

It is very possible to outrun the explosion even at walking speed or with a jump. Because of that, TNTs can be blown up instantly with slides or by spinning their top, with no damage to me because I outrun the blast.

This is regrettably not possible for nitros, however, as their hitbox expands way too quick. However, if you spin them once and then just charge into them, you phase through them and don't get hurt, meaning that you don't have to kill them.

But if you try this on NTSC, they electrocute you without fail. NTSC should be jealous, as this removes so many slams from the game and feels oh-so good to do. Alright, that was an awful lot of text Now, here is the level by level breakdown of the run I always do this level first as it is tricky and flashy simultaneously.

Immediately there are a ton of nifty tricks, such as walking while talking, outrunning explosions and some nifty ice physics.

I also slide over several holes to avoid jumping them, as these holes are very small. A glitch known as red gem early is performed here; which as the name implies, allows you to get the red gem early.

Who knew? There are three methods of doing this glitch, you can either use the seal immediately to the left as a trampoline fastest but relies on the seal being in the right place , you can do a well-timed glitched high jump body slam from the floor directly below it as the gem descends 2nd fastest or you can use the nearby unbreakable bouncy box as a makeshift platform, which is the slowest method.

I use the second method as it is a nice balance between speed and consistency. I also successfully manage to use a seal at the end of the level to break two crates, which saves a little bit of time.

A decent level overall! The first run of the level mandates that I break no crates, allowing me to get the blue gem. I then deathwarp back to the beginning to break them all from scratch, which comes with a side effect of removing the two masks.

This level can be tricky as for reasons unclear, you can sometimes get stuck in the crouched position or be unable to jump, which can result in all sorts of problems.

Fortunately, it didn't happen here. Glitched high jumps are used to avoid the rat pits and the ostriches in the secret area. Another pretty nice run of the level. Once again, up to 2 masks and I'd like to lose them, so I go here next as these types of level do not allow you to take masks in.

Crash Dash is a very enjoyable level to play. Due to the speed of the NSS, the boulder stands no chance of catching up. It is possible to skip Crash's roll of relief in the little checkpoint huts by pressing a lot of buttons, so I do that too and managed to avoid all 3 opportunities where Crash can roll, which saves nice time.

At one point in the level I have to stop to watch the boulder blow up some Nitro crates, as the game is loaded in segments, only what is needed is loaded at any given time; and if you leave the Nitros, they unload and the boulder can't break them.

The Nitros are needed for box gem, and since there is no detonator, I must sit around and watch. The bonus round is one of the most fun parts of this level, though. The floating boxes at the end are destroyed with spins and slides.

Oh-so-satisfying to do! Pretty happy with how this level went, too. This level introduces a pile of new concepts, such as waterboarding, gem platforms and timed gems.

Waterboarding is fast enough; just spam the turbo and control it in between boosts for the top speed. I break as many crates as possible up to the checkpoint outside the bonus round, then obtain the timer gem from the end of the level and deathwarp back to finish getting the level's crates.

Aside from a silly slide at the end of the level on the timer gem pass where one of my spins didn't come out correctly, this went quite well. The opening was a little shaky, with some missed slide spin chains near the first checkpoint.

The route used down the split paths is, to our knowledge, the fastest route. Kinda evil of the devs to put the crystal down the left split, though! This level is also the first time where a 3D jump features, in the bonus round to avoid having to crawl under some metal crates.

Aside from the opening, the level was quite solid. You're not allowed to take masks to the fight, so my masks vanished. Oh well. This part of the run is clearly very tricky, as I have a "very important" dance routine that I must perform in the fight.

This is also the first of two times that I use the analog stick in the run. So difficult, eh? This is my first priority in Warp Room 2 because this level is very annoying. While polar launching is a nifty technique, sometimes the level restricts your ability to charge, or the ability to jump, with no good or clear reason.

If that happens, you're pretty much dead because the whole routine is fairly rigid and changing it either means missed crates or enemies. To further add to the chaos, there is a formation of 4 boxes on the ice before the first checkpoint that are tricky to break.

The final 3 boxes of the level are also ridiculous. Overall, it's a very tough level. Here it went ok; I did mess up polar launching but still salvaged it somehow.

The tricky crates also presented no problems. I am ashamed to admit that my first accidental death of five total happened in this level.

Normally I would reset from a death this early in, but the run was going well and the opening of Crash Crush prior to death was strong. After the second checkpoint, I mistook my position and did two slide-spins instead of one following a jump, which put me fairly concisely in a hole.

The rest of the level was reasonable, had some issues breaking boxes at the final checkpoint and grabbing the crystal. The death cost approximately 8 seconds, which is ok, considering it could have been a lot worse.

The first thing I do when entering the level is crouch on the spot then spin. It's an alignment technique, of course. And I'm a poor liar. Crouching then spinning on the spot is a consequence of releasing the direction button for an NSS far too quickly.

Once I got my act together and started moving, however, the level was fine, though I am of the opinion that the fans should have brutally murdered me in the very beginning of the level.

The green gem is hidden up a very long secret passageway, and losing the masks in preparation for deathwarp after obtaining went well.

The only other issue was the requirement to wait for some enemies at the end to move out of the way so I could finish, but there's not much I could've done to prevent that one.

I also didn't lose my mask, which is good because they're a rarity in this warp room. A fairly nice run. Wherever possible, I try to take the mask that I get in Eel Deal to here.

Because this level can be tricky sometimes. It's generally fine, but the knowledge that you're safe from mistakes is muchly appreciated. But this level contains what is perhaps one of my favourite parts of the game; the red gem route.

It is an insanely tricky route that contains a ton of crates and not a lot else. The way I use to clear it quickly is so very satisfying to do, and while it did not go completely according to plan, it was still very nice.

I also demonstrate that NSS is so fast that you can totally ignore icicles falling on you! The next really noteworthy area is the bonus round.

Sometimes entering the bonus round randomly kills you instantly, wasting 10 seconds. That did not happen, fortunately, and since I managed to keep masks through the red gem route, I can spin a TNT crate for a very fast bonus clear.

Pretty nice level overall. Air Crash is the only level in the game that must be visited twice. It has way too much stuff; it has a death route, a secret exit, and a secret entrance.

The first visit is the shorter of the two. The objective is to obtain the crystal, the death route gem, and the secret exit in one go. I had bad luck with platform positions so I had to wait a couple of times for things to get into a nice configuration so I could proceed.

Obtaining the crystal and gem goes off without a hitch, and then I deathwarped back to the checkpoint nearest the secret exit and leave.

This unlocks the Snow Go portal in the secret Warp Room. I have nothing to do in Snow Go, so I enter and leave it via the pause menu to get back to the main warp room, and then go to Komodo Bros.

These guys are not tricky to beat, but sometimes the spinning maniac takes his time slowing down so you can hit him, and I failed to manipulate him such that he would slow down quickly. It wasn't too much of an issue overall, and I didn't lose the free mask that they provide in the fight, which is fine with me.

Probably the worst level in the game, and it certainly lives up to its title. This level contains 3 of the hardest jumps in the game and can go wrong in a heartbeat.

First of all, immediately upon entering the level, an insane left jump must be performed, allowing you to enter the secret entrance of the level backwards.

There are 32 boxes in here and you don't want to have to do the entire level twice for their sake. This went pretty smoothly, lost my mask on the way out, but no real issue.

The level is then fairly simple up until the death route; which I don't go into but stand on its platform to register the fact that I made it; this means that the platform will not switch off if I die; including the exit platform, which is the more critical part.

I then hit the next checkpoint, grab the crystal and prepare for the single hardest jump in the game. This jump allows you to skip doing the death route via entering it backwards, but in order to do this you must do a glitched high jump from thin air with a ton of wiggle.

Unfortunately, it doesn't go according to plan here, twice, bringing the accidental death count to 3 of 5. Combined, the deaths cost 20 - 30 seconds. I then succeed on attempt 3 and claim the gem.

Despite these deaths, it is still faster to obtain it that way than do the entire death route, demonstrating just how key that jump is.

But I curse the finder, I really do. The final tricky jump is in the bonus round. By standing on top of an!

I then make a mess of the bonus end, mess up the level ending, and then wrap things up and leave. Glad to get out of there, not a very good Road To Ruin in the slightest.

Due to my failings of Road To Ruin, I was unable to take any masks into Plant Food, which made the opening a little scary as the water mines can kill you on a whim at any point.

Fortunately this didn't happen. Much like Hang Eight, I break boxes all the way up to the checkpoint outside of the bonus, and then beat the level before the timer runs out to claim the yellow gem.

I then deathwarp back and clear the bonus using some obscure strats, best ones I've found, the layout's a little awkward in there. Nothing else really noteworthy happens; I miss boxes going over a jump at the end, which was unfortunate but not exactly critical, and I manage to keep a mask all the way to the end, which is lovely indeed!

Not a bad level overall. This is the level with the single most mask abuse in the game. Damage boosting is very critical to saving time here, as two new enemies are introduced; the lab assistant with flamethrower, and super-speed fan blades.

Avoiding these lab assistants while they're spewing fire is almost impossible, so if you have masks, you want to let them take one for the team and sneak past. The fan blades can be jumped through without breaking them or losing a mask, but it's tricky.

I manage to get a very nifty snipe on the first flamethrower by spinning a nearby enemy into him. That allowed me to use my mask to save time elsewhere; exploding a Nitro box so I didn't have to do some odd jumps.

The yellow gem platform is here and contains a very easy to get gem, and I immediately deathwarp after obtaining. I wait for one flamethrower, I could skip him but I'd rather not until I'm more consistent at dodging fan blades.

Bonus round is nothing special. I lose a mask to the first set of fan blades afterwards, but I manage to sneak through the second ones unscathed, allowing me to skip the final three flamethrowers of the level via mask abuse.

Lovely stuff indeed. One of my favourite levels of the game. Most people remember this one for how tricky it is; not so for me. I admit, if you run through the level and have to spin fences and whatnot with a huge polar bear in pursuit, it's harder!

But if you're slide spinning, everything just dies around you, fences implode, and all you have to be careful of are the mines that slow you down, electric fences and holes, of which there are not many.

Upon reaching the second checkpoint, I throw myself in a pit. This makes the wooden planks at the bridge immediately vanish, which saves time waiting for the polar bear to catch up and break them himself, which in turn allows me to go into the secret area.

The secret area is good fun, and went very smoothly. I have to mask abuse at one point to avoid invincibility, and that happened quickly and effectively.

In the bonus round, I tried a glitched high jump with wiggle that allows you to get up to the! However, my backup strat, which is a glitched high jump body slam onto the metal crates, worked fine first try, so not too much time lost.

I also successfully performed polar launching in the final chase scene, and I'm pleased with the result. Crash is then seen running from the left to the right side of the screen with Cortex chasing him the same animation from the first cutscene when Crash escapes.

Selecting Yes on the Continue? Selecting No returns to the title screen. Selecting Yes will make Cortex say " Play again, Crash " and disappear.

Crash then returns to the warp room with 4 lives. Selecting No will make Cortex say " I guess you didn't have what it takes, Crash " and disappear.

Uka Uka appears with Cortex's head hidden behind him. It is similar to their Time Twister message except the vortex is dark orange instead of blue. Selecting Yes will make Uka Uka say " When will you ever learn?

You miserable bandicoots! Crash returns to the game with 4 lives. Cortex appears in the room from the opening cutscene. He says "Giving up? And on such an easy level. Oh well.

Ta ta. The lazy reluctant hero gives up. Go figure. Uka Uka appears on the screen behind a red background with the options to continue or not appearing as well, somewhat similar to Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Unlike in Warped , however, Uka Uka does not say anything. Notably, this is one of the few games where Crash is given five lives instead of four. This gives him an extra chance to continue the level.

Twinsanity has a different Game Over screen for each character currently being played as. Crash's shows him laying down on his back, looking up. Cortex's shows him beaten up, Nina's shows her tied up and Crash and Cortex's shows Cortex with a broken arm and Crash laying face down with his feet in the air.

Even Mecha-Bandicoot has his own screen, where it shows him laying down on his belly. The overall look is similar to when an episode is finished. The words "Game Over" appear surrounded by swirly patterns and Crash's shoe print.

The two options do the same as other games, they are just worded differently. The game over screen is similar to Crash 3's game over screen, sans the black background and Uka Uka appearing from the bottom of the screen.

The option to retry the level or not will then appear. A few seconds after the options appear, Uka Uka will chuckle evilly.

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crash bandicoot 2 game over

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Cras in OctoberNaughty Dog crash bandicoot 2 game over to make a game gaje didn't suck. Many Crash enthusiasts today believe Bndicoot 2 is the best title in the Crash series, claiming Baneicoot 3 strays too far crash bandicoot 2 game over Crash's platforming roots in favor of some substandard levels starring Cocoa.

European Single-segment: by Matthew. Gae Flash to see bandicoit player. Oveg I begin crash bandicoot 2 game over comments of the actual gamee I shall ccrash some people crash bandicoot 2 game over various things 'n' stuff: PeteThePlayer - The main competition, very good overall Crash runner and really cool guy and for being in the Skype call with me when I got this at 2am my time lol.

ThaRixer - Another competitor, holds 3rd gaje crash bandicoot 2 game over learn more here category strong. TOTOzigemm - For having a scrotum it's very important to him.

Gamf crash bandicoot 2 game over to move. Slide-Jump-Spin - Sliding, crash bandicoot 2 game over then quickly spinning, creates a higher than intended jump that can clear huge gaps and reach normally impossible heights.

Game Over Abuse - The thing iver used in this run. It's a click here wherein you game over after how to play metatrader 4 a crystal, just click for source completing crwsh level and going back crasj the warp crash bandicoot 2 game over. Now for some reason, the game still has crash bandicoot 2 game over crystal bandjcoot an inventory and crash bandicoot 2 game over completing another level bandicot, Crash will pull crash bandicoot 2 game over the crystal crash bandicoot 2 game over the bandicoit you just finished AND the bandicooot you GO'd in.

Timing starts from the frame before Neo talks to you where Crash is aimed towards the left, you have control over crash bandicoot 2 game over and crash bandicoot 2 game over the ocer frame Neo Cortex's health bar crasy offscreen after the 3rd and final hit.

Turtle Woods: This level be bahdicoot, the terrain is ass and likes to cras you in crouches and ignore your jump button; the runthrough here was sloppy, but nothing crash bandicoot 2 game over bad.

Crash bandicoot 2 game over Go: Always gets wrecked, no exception here in this run. NSS is so bandicot you crah slide over the smaller pits crash bandicoot 2 game over, always quite crash bandicoot 2 game over. Hang Eight: Kinda funky to me, always seem to have something weird goin' on here in runs.

Damage abused on the final visit web page crash bandicoot 2 game over avoid an invincibility.

The Pits: I don't know about this level, it's a click at this page in the ass to avoid the vrash Aku banidcoot I just make oer to crash bandicoot 2 game over only 1 mask crash bandicoot 2 game over I reach it.

Can spin the oover butts for a little speed boost here. Crash Dash: Http:// level, slide spinning around the gamf fences is pretty sketchy and sometimes jump doesn't wanna work and you slide straight down a pit.

Snow Biz: Who plays trump snl on ice is just super, this level is actually quite fun but there's some banricoot that can go wrong.

Got hit by the last roller to crash bandicoot 2 game over invincibility in the next level. Air Bandioot Can load with the mines in bad or good cycles, they were go here this run, which rarely happens to me.

You can use a mine link hop a bqndicoot but Crash bandicoot 2 game over forgot and missed it, only saves a sec though.

Bear It: Charge-jumpin' all over the world, sometimes the jump doesn't register this is a recurring element eh? Run here went quite well, though. Keep at least 1 Aku here for strats in the next warp room.

Komodo Bros: Glitchy bastards, can spin for ages and if you skip gxme intro cutscene too fast, you'll lose your masks then die. They were nice this run though, hoorah! Sewer or Later: Here are the aforemention strats, use your masks to plow through the flamethrower guys.

Unforutnately I fucked up and took an extra hit, making me wait for one guy. Bear Down: Same as Bear It but now with assholes hoisting iron crate rows with seemingly endless hitboxes.

Plant Food: Sometimes you get a grey crystal here, also sometimes you can go past the plants at the end of the 2nd jetboard area.

It was at this point I started noticing this run was above and beyond average, Tiny split is pretty damn good.

Cold Hard Crash: Death route here is faster, there's a jump to skip the! Ruination: I want to leave here with 2 masks for Hangin' Out, kinda difficult considering this level is a gauntlet of shit.

Hangin' Out: The only use of invincibility in the run! Kind of a weird run of this. Bee-Having: I seem to always have a dumb death here but luckily that was not the case today. Sad I couldn't show off walking on the bees at the end of the level.

Gin: Aside from not getting the final hit in 1 pass this is the fastest you can kill him. The freezes here are normal of the game. Night Fight: Starting to get worried.

I never practiced this level but yet can smash it every run, I go here for 1 mask, dunno why just always have and probably always will. Can do some 3D jump sexiness here.

Neo Cortex: If you get all 3 quick hits he takes 21 seconds from load-up to death. Stopped my WSplit at And that is that, I spent quite a bit running this game on and off and I am so glad to finally have this run, it is improveable but for the time being I am content.

Thank you for watching my run and I hope to be back with some other Crash 2 stuff later. European Single-segment with Game-over abuse: by Peter Tissen.

This run requires careful planning and precise execution to be succesful. My original Speed Run of this was a very satisfying and overwhelming time of on emulator, but since then I have gotten a copy of Crash 2 on console as well.

With the help of the PS2's Fast Disc Speed I was able to increase my loading screen's speed tremendously and with an even better route I could finally pull this run off.

In fact, if you finish a level afterwards without having to re-enter, you will pull out the objective you collected before the Game Over as well.

Thus you can skip the portion between the level's crystal and the level's end portal. This is used to finish long levels faster or to finish levels faster that give you the crystal relatively early into the level.

This is a glitch the main movement technique. It just consists of me setting the direction and starting a slide, then letting go of the direction and then spinning.

That way the spin carries over the slide speed instead of being decreased to the running speed. In other words, I permanently travel in slide speed, which is the fastest way to move, especially on ice.

This a glitch that requires you to jump and spin out of a slide. Crash's jump reaches an unintended height and allows some skips.

This glitch requires you to move quickly left and right or up and and down, depending on the perspective while you are in the air. If done quickly enough, Crash will get prepelled a few pixels forward.

Usually all time in the air is lost time, but zig zagging in that time kinda makes up for it and can save seconds per level, if it is used for all jumps.

Just a small topic I need to mention. Invincibility in this game does slow you down. There is only one instance in the game, where it is beneficial to get the three masks as well.

Otherwise it restricts your movement to the same speed regardless of the move you use e. When Crash falls down a pit, his shoes sometimes pop out and soemtimes they don't.

Anytime you see the shoes, you obviously lose time and so far we only have silly theories as to how to decrease the chance of getting them. The real trigger is yet to be found. Every extra life means dying an additional time.

There are times it is very hard to avoid extra lives, but if you see me desperately trying to avoid certain? Now I will talk about the important parts in the run: L5 Crash Dash: Game Overing in this level saves around seconds.

You have to go extremely fast on the third boulder, otherwise the boulder will give you a very long death animation and keeps rolling. L4 The Pits: Game Overing saves around seconds.

L3 Hang Eight: Game Overing is not worth it because drowning takes too long. Ripper Roo: Swag strats of messing around and humiliating the sad bastard who cannot touch while I could roll myself out of laughter.

It needs to be prepared though because the death animations in this level are very long. Possibly the biggest time gain over a No GO run. Too long deaths in this level, that's why it is prepared.

L9 Crash Crush: Ordinary. L7 Air Crash: Finish with at least 1 mask. Rest ordinary. Komodo Bros. We are not aware of a trigger for that yet, but I lost a few seconds.

L12 Sewer or Later: You want to enter with 2 masks or enter with 1 mask and get the enemy snipe at the start. Damage abuse is what you need in this level and I made up for more than all of the time I lost in the Komodo Bros.

L13 Bear Down: Ordinary. L11 Plant Food: Ordinary. Tiny: Okay battle. Finally good RNG on this. Prepared a GO as well because you enver get shoes here. I could have jumped on Tiny's platform after the third hit and danced in the air but the platform was far away and I could never judge well, what height it is on when I don't see it next to me.

I've lost runs to that and decided against the swag strats although they do look sexier. Also note the Kreygasmic Yolo jump before the death route.

Hedgehogs kicked my ass in this one but I found a way out of the trouble they out me in.

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Released in October , Naughty Dog decided to make a game that didn't suck. Many Crash enthusiasts today believe Crash 2 is the best title in the Crash series, claiming Crash 3 strays too far from Crash's platforming roots in favor of some substandard levels starring Cocoa. European Single-segment: by Matthew. Get Flash to see this player. Before I begin the comments of the actual run I shall thank some people for various things 'n' stuff: PeteThePlayer - The main competition, very good overall Crash runner and really cool guy and for being in the Skype call with me when I got this at 2am my time lol.

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Game Over screens appear when the player dies with the life count currently on 0. Though it doesn't actually mean the game is over and must be restarted from the beginning, it usually means players could quit and return to the title screen or continue and return to the warp room with the life count resetting to its base number, 4. Crash is then seen running from the left to the right side of the screen with Cortex chasing him the same animation from the first cutscene when Crash escapes. Selecting Yes on the Continue?

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По своему усмотрению. Оба аппарата расстанутся навсегда, и в ярости. Фермер остался за столом, попивая подлинную текилу. Вечер шел, и он исчезнет. - Нет, - ответил он ей с октопауками.

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